Waiting For Spring And June

The tears that flowed till March were packed aside in time for spring
Dainty pink flowers blooming as my cold & broken spirits soared
Healing and love finding its way to me as June’s warmth appeared in you

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      • the plot thickens, he and his family are exiled, and the slavers are on the horizon. He remains the iconic figure of strength without empathy, but I can’t anticipate if Okonkwo will turn against his people, or in the struggle find his humanity, or what he is measured against.

      • I like how you said the plot thickens for it does :). So glad you are enjoying this…do people like Okonkwo find their humanity though or self destruct?!

      • I believe in forgiveness and redemption, but a man who has so forcefully faced life may break before he is humbled.
        by the way the book is a lovely book, with a nice binding and a golden woven page marker.

        Hope you don’t mind, me periodically turning this into an inpromptu book club.

      • one more point… Okonkwo is like Abraham in a manner – the Oracle calls for the boy he treats like son to be sacrificed, but in this case Okonkwo slays him with his own hands.

  1. Boomie,

    You often make me sigh with your words. I read a lot of poetry every day and I do not do a lot of unintentional sighing. Thank you so much for sharing. You have a gift and we all appreciate that you do not keep it solely for yourself. Cheers.

    -Soul Walker

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