The Day Our Dog Lost His Mind

The day our dog lost his mind
It was the same year you left

Not a word or warning
Except you were already away a whole month
Frail and deathly pale
I still believed you would return
So the fool and well advanced in numbered growth child I was
Stood by the window still

This thing called life
How cruel and most vicious
Taking you from your young 5, a better half
And the one brown & cute little puppy
Who growled and barked himself to insanity

Have a wonderful weekend, and thank you always!!!

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  1. Boomie, I can’t imagine all that is behind your inspirations as you write, but I try to imagine and wish I could sit at a coffee table bothering you with a million questions. You skill and style always feels so open and easy to relate to even if I never experienced the same topic that you write about. In short, nice work!

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