Poets& writers of poems are innocent to behold
Imagination swirling and painting rainbows
In their flustered minds

Words are more than alphabets conjoined from preschool
Syllables more than breaks and form
Love is most definitely more than a four letter word
Do not get them started on hate
Their thoughts often deep and with intent

Don’t be fooled however by their canvas of words 
Spilling butterflies cocoa socks& silver lines
On a clear summer noon

Innocence is far from their flustered creative minds

*Post 500 :)* Have a wonderful week friends, God bless*

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  1. Nice Boomie, but to change the subject I have to ask — what did you feel when you reached the end of things fall apart and Okonkwo was found? I never saw that coming.

    • Lol…I was expecting this, and it was why I did not want to give anything away.

      Did it change your overall view of the book? The truth is Okonkwo tried all his life not to be like his father, and some might argue that he succeeded but he was driven by pride, a dangerous thirst for power, respect, and recognition, and that became his undoing…sometimes in trying to run away from a life we are so afraid….we do things that indirectly lead us back to that life…You must also remember that Okonkwo was arrogant…a warrior, and in his eyes succumbing to the white man’s arrest was accepting them, rejecting the Igbo tradition, a weakness in his eyes…

      • No, I enjoyed this book immensely even with this twist. His fall was great indeed, but I did not see him as wholly evil. Instead I saw him as the archetype of the culture that once he fell had no hope of rallying.

        It also drew a parallel to how Christianity works through the weak and humble instead of the exalted leaders.

      • It was indeed a great fall…pride can be a terrible thing. Sometimes culture, religion and things of that nature also can be a thin line to tread too…

        Glad you enjoyed the book. Achebe is a fine writer

  2. bless you Boomie, great poem, your words are always so…. well I cannot find just one word! but I love your poetry !You are a fine poet. Congrats on 500 posts πŸ™‚

  3. Wonderful word play boomie. Excellent poem and congratulations on your 500th post. I wonder how many scrapes of paper, and bits of ideas scattered among your belongs (and in your head) there are that will contribute to your next 500! I do look forward to them, You are indeed my favorite poetress out there! Thank you for sharing your talent. Penny

  4. Congratulations on reaching 500 posts Boomie. Quite an achievement in itself apart fro the splendid writing. I am so pleased to have followed you up to this moment and seen all the wonderful contributions to the world of poetry that you make. Keep it up.

  5. I LOVE this. Happy 500th. The last line *Innocence is far from their flustered creative minds* made me laugh. πŸ˜€ Can i re-blog, pls?

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