Getting Rich Quick-Friday Fictioneers 2/1


Hello everyone! It’s that time of the week again, Friday fictioneers courtesy of Rochelle, with picture from Claire Fuller. I missed last week, even though I had a story and poem…life is well life these days. I took this week’s image back to native Yoruba land, please feel free to comment, give constructive criticisms, and as always join in the fun. THANKS FOR ALWAYS STOPPING BY.

Image courtesy of Claire Fuller

Image courtesy of Claire Fuller

Ade stared at the herbalist who had laid his cowries, beads, and other incantations down on the muddy floor. In front of the 69year old man was a double headed statue…Orişa funfun…this was the god that would make him rich the herbalist had promised.

Chanting away in gibberish to conjure the image, Ade let his mind wander…Akin, his best friend had referred him to the herbalist after life dealt him another blow, and he lost his wife to the landlord…The herbalist was Akin’s source of millions…

Ade continued to fantasize when suddenly he heard a strange voice…the statue was alive…


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  1. Gosh I loved this, I didn’t expect the ending boomie (I knew it’d be good though) but you surprised me and I’m not easily surprised. On another note I just wanted to tell you again that you are admired as a woman. I know your responsibilities are numerous (and I’m sure many more than come to my mind) for you to continue to allow yourself just this small piece of creative “piece-of-mind”, that you do for yourself is awesome and I know (for a fact) very hard to do. Blessing, and take care of yourself! Penny (no need to respond my friend)

    • How can I not respond to this beautiful comment. It’s been so busy this year more so this past few weeks. I’m back working, the girls have so many activities and life is just busy lol.

      Trying to take it all one day at a time and haven’t written as much as I would like. I’m hoping tomorrow u can steal sometime to workout and write lol… I’m rambling… Sorry :).

      Thanks always and always

  2. “Ade continued to fantasize when suddenly he heard a strange voice…the statue was alive…” Ack! Must. Know. More.

    Fantastically penned. I loved this piece from start to finish. I am left wanting more.

    • Thanks so much. I believe he will, as usually is the case, but there will be a steep price to pay no doubt. Will the price be worth whatever fortune he is about to make though?

  3. Hi boomie! This feels like the beginning of something much longer – as Sandra says, a good hook. I found the middle paragraph a bit confusing – if this becomes a novel intro, I’d suggest lengthening that out a bit. But with 100 words, you certainly packed it in!

  4. Of course, now we’re all wondering what will happen next. 🙂 The thing about flash fiction, though, is that the reader has to add in the extra details himself. I’m curious though: what do you picture happening next?

    • i know. well considering that this scenario is somewhat common in some parts of the world…the money probably comes for Ade…but you know whoever dines with the Devil must be ready to pay the price…

      It can go so many ways but it often ends up disastrous

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