IF…(Living In The Power Of Now)

She would have been 70 today
I am sure she would have wanted to be celebrated, I think
I am certain we would have celebrated her, I assume
I am not sure about anything anymore
I have assumptions in all my certainties

If however you were here today
I would be living in the power of NOW
Here's what I know
I would love you HARDER
I would HUG you TIGHTER
I would cherish you DEEPER
I would celebrate you ALWAYS

My living in the power of NOW
Allows me to do it
If only in my thoughts...

So today and on the 8th
I will close my eyes tighter & make it last longer

* First written 2/5/2011*


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  1. No matter where is she now, I still want to be with her everyday, and even in my thoughts. I have a big photo of her, facing my bed.

    Thank you for sharing the great love!

  2. Such beautiful words!
    You have always been talented!
    Very dear people would always be cherished. Those that go ahead of us always remind us to do the best that we can, while we still breathe.
    Cherish those that you can now and hold each moment dearly as if each is a chance to leave a legacy.
    Very lovely post. Mum must be smiling from above; poud of you! πŸ™‚

  3. Love & Hugs to you.
    May your dear mom continue to rest in peace. I’m sure all the angels are celebrating her big day today. I know…I hear all the party noise every time one of our loved ones is being celebrated up there. Not to mention – the confetti that’s been falling from the sky today πŸ˜‰

  4. wow, that was so moving. I really teared up. I always forget to do these things, thinking my mom will be here forever. Poems like this is a reminder to take advantage of your time together. I will remember to hug her tighter. Happy birthday to your mom! and god bless you and may she rest in peace. You’re amazing!

  5. Boomie, this is beautiful.My Mom has recently been told that she will likely live less than 2 more years. My siblings and I are gathering around her, loving her harder, and cherishing her deeper- a feat since we all loved her awfully hard to begin with. Thank you for these words ,they really touched me..

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