Friday Fictioneers-2/8


It’s time for Friday Fictioneers par Rochelle, and this week’s photo is courtesy of Rich Voza. Today marks the 12th year anniversary of my mom’s passing; so I wrote this two pieces of fiction in her kind honor. As always please feel free too participate, have a safe and lovely weekend. THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS STOPPING BY!!!

image courtesy of Rich Voza

image courtesy of Rich Voza


“Àjò kò le dà b’ilé” Mother always said…

I left Lagos for the UK at 16, and swore never to return…Mother was all I had and even though it broke her heart, it had to be done. I was going to live in a better world, become a doctor and take care of her…She would be a phone call away….

20 years have passed, and I still have not seen mother…I sent her money, gifts and such…she was a phone call away…

The sun set abruptly on her time as it now sets outside my Lagos bound flight…tears in my lonely heart…

Mother forever out of reach…


Ilé labo àjò…mama always said.

After 20years in the white man’s land, it was time to go back home. Watching the sun set on the Boeing 747, my mind took an account of the past years…the sun had set on my time away from home with nothing but smooth brown sand skin to show for it…people who knew and loved me had gone like the wind blowing over barren lands…

There was no use…it was time to go back home…

Mama always said Ilé labo àjò …it was time for me to return home.

Àjò kò le dà b’ilé” – No place like home
Ilé labo àjò – After a journey, we must still return home

Rest in Peace MOM, love you always!!!


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  1. Boomie!!! Great ones on this note. May God rest your Mum’s soul perfectly and may you always find sweet reasons to carry on for her sake.
    The first story is great and i enjoyed the second equally! Well done.
    Omo ire la gbeyin wa o! (i hope my Yoruba is good enough?)

  2. Lovely words – two great stories. Really enjoyed both of them. I liked the use of the foreign language – but don’t know what language it is. Is this your native tongue?
    Excellent writing.

    • Thanks so much.

      Yes it is, it is Yoruba, one of the 3 major languages in Nigeria. My father spoke mostly English to us as kids but my mom always spoke Yoruba, and taught me how to write it.

  3. You put into words that moment of realization that there is no time to replace that which has already passed by. Humans, we create time to give us a means for measuring its passing, and then fail to keep track of it on a grander scale.

    These were touching, sad, sobering stories Boomie. Thank you.

  4. That was lovely. I like the lines “she would be a phone call away” and “she was a phone call away”. I know for me I miss my family and even though I could phone them more, I don’t often.

  5. This is so touching. Intense! It is about Mom, it is about the pain of separations, two separations, The theme of regret is well handled…and home coming….yes, home coming but not meet mum is heart breaking.
    Well done Bunmi….we can only see to awon mama wa – ka sun re!

  6. awww. sad and hopeful and meaningful. well done.

    this line- “Mother was all I had and even though…” would be better with a comma after “had”

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