Anniversary Giveaway


It seems only like yesterday when I grew an extra set of balls and decided to birth this baby. In about a week or so (2/17/13), my blog will be 1 and being the “profound” thinker that I am, I have been reflecting over the past year, and what this space means to me. The journey of this blog has been eye opening, exciting, and challenging to say the least. It has been absolute FUN, and brought such growth to me and my abilities as an aspiring writer.

I have God, and you all to thank for that. In all my deep profound thinking, I thought since I like celebrations (I really am like a 5 year old when my birthday is a few days away), I thought I’d start the upcoming anniversary celebration with a giveaway….YAY!!! HURRAY!!! Giveaways are the best…even though I never win anything :). But it’s not about me winning; this is about you winning a special gift from moi. (A humble thank you of sorts)

Here’s the catch…you must follow me on twitter, like my Facebook page on the right hand corner…and in a few words tell me how my blog has impacted you in the past year…(I have to make you work for it right?). There are so many wonderful readers of this blog, and I really wish I was Oprah right now, so I could give each and every one of you a car or something but…well you know I am not, and I can’t.

The giveaway is open from now till Friday the 15th of February 2013…THANKS TO YOU ALL SO MUCH.

Love &Light
Boomie Bol


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  1. congratulations, lovely amiga! look at the past year, and then imagine where you’ll be in another year! perhaps oprah will publish your poems and propel you to superstardom – and then you can send us all that car! i’d prefer a little pickup, one with the wooden slats like the farmers use here in ecuador!!!!
    seriously, i’m so proud of you and how successful you’ve become!

  2. You are doing an excellent job with the blog, congratulations! The images I get while you are writing your poems, they travel me and enchant me. I wish you all the best from the bottom of my heart, much love to you! As for the giveaway, unfortunately I don’t have twitter, I follow you already in facebook though! Have a wonderful Saturday, much love and hugs!

  3. You have impacted me a lot, Boomie.
    Your poems have often reached inside of me to poke at emotions that I don’t often feel otherwise.
    Sexy, loving, romantic…I have these feelings, but your poetry digs then out even deeper.

  4. Good writing from you, dear Boomie, is your gift to me. Looking forward, with great anticipation for your 2013 edition. Even though I don’t comment on all your posts, I do read them. Sorry but I don’t do FaceBook. WordPress is almost more than I can keep up with…

    • Thank you so much. I really appreciate your visits, comments, and encouragement.

      I don’t blame you about Facebook, I rarely go on there these days, so many things to keep up with lol.

      Thanks so much, God bless

  5. I was following you on my old twitter account, but I had to close that one down. Now I have a new one so I am following you again. So you’ve been doing this wonderful stuff for a year! Congrats! I love you poetry. It’s really so good. Hope you have another great year!

  6. I wish I still have twitter. Its long lost in the twittersphere together with the password. Anyhow, congratulations Boomie! it seems like your blog has been more than a year because you have so many fans. Great job!

  7. WOW – One year just around the corner!
    Like life – your blog goes through so many feelings & emotions.
    THANKS for being you & sharing your heart, thoughts & imagination through your writing.

  8. Congratulations on your success of the blog Boomie. As I said one year ago, I know you’ll do well with this. Love your mind and heart always. What’s this?? A give away and here’s why I should have it “I’m six foot two looking into you, saying give it to me and we can both be free!” Haha, kidding. I’d rather see one of your other followers get it, but I’m thankful for your consistent deep writing here always. Definitely one of my favorites. I hope life and love treats you kindly forever.

    • Hahaha, naughty, naughty.

      I must say you brought attention to my blog, when you shared one of my posts on your Facebook page…”I believe in you”

      Thanks so much Scott. God bless my friend

  9. Your blog gave me you! The so very talented boomie I’ve come to know and love! And that’s a whole heaping lot all by itself! :), congratulations boomie, so very well done!

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