YAY!!! This Blog Is 1


Congratulations to Ms. Cathy Ulrich, winner of the anniversary giveaway…and as a bonus for being my longest reader, and for a while silent follower Ms.Rosy Shea also gets a small token of love, and appreciation.

MANY THANKS TO YOU FOR THE LOVE, SUPPORT, FRIENDSHIP, ENCOURAGEMENT, AND SO MUCH MORE. I had planned to take today’s post to the next level by doing a video with me reading one of my poems, and then expressing some words from my heart, but I didn’t get to it (or maybe i chickened out). Still my heart thanks you all so much.

Glasses raised to you. God bless


Love always

Boomie Bol



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  1. Happy bday Boomiebol blog! Hey, and who is that new very beautiful model as your gravatar pic? πŸ™‚
    Congratulations. You’re definitely one of my favorite writers. Always love your poetry!

  2. Happy bloaversary! Happy to have been here for so many ofthe months and lookingn forward to the full year treatment this time. A video would be a real treat, you would be excellent for it, i KNOW this, and I am never wrong ever. true story.

    • You are the coolest person I know now lol. Thanks so much Steve…you just might get the first treat and then report back that I am in fact terrible lol. You have to share that true story

      • It is hard being the coolest person you know but I think I can live up to the task. I would be honoured to get the first treat and I know we would get on like a house on fire because well….we are the best people since sliced bread.

  3. RAWR…ummm what did I just write??? lol Congrats. You must be so proud. Treat this kid well. I wonder if 1 year in the blog actually translates to 1 year in real life. It sometimes feels so long. I am still happy for you. Glad to have a blog buddy like you.

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