YAY!!! This Blog Is 1


Congratulations to Ms. Cathy Ulrich, winner of the anniversary giveaway…and as a bonus for being my longest reader, and for a while silent follower Ms.Rosy Shea also gets a small token of love, and appreciation.

MANY THANKS TO YOU FOR THE LOVE, SUPPORT, FRIENDSHIP, ENCOURAGEMENT, AND SO MUCH MORE. I had planned to take today’s post to the next level by doing a video with me reading one of my poems, and then expressing some words from my heart, but I didn’t get to it (or maybe i chickened out). Still my heart thanks you all so much.

Glasses raised to you. God bless


Love always

Boomie Bol



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  1. Happy bloaversary! Happy to have been here for so many ofthe months and lookingn forward to the full year treatment this time. A video would be a real treat, you would be excellent for it, i KNOW this, and I am never wrong ever. true story.

    • You are the coolest person I know now lol. Thanks so much Steve…you just might get the first treat and then report back that I am in fact terrible lol. You have to share that true story

      • It is hard being the coolest person you know but I think I can live up to the task. I would be honoured to get the first treat and I know we would get on like a house on fire because well….we are the best people since sliced bread.

  2. RAWR…ummm what did I just write??? lol Congrats. You must be so proud. Treat this kid well. I wonder if 1 year in the blog actually translates to 1 year in real life. It sometimes feels so long. I am still happy for you. Glad to have a blog buddy like you.

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