More Than Enough-Friday Fictioneers 2/22


It’s that time of the week again, Friday Fictioneers par Ms. Rochelle, and this week’s photo is courtesy of Janet Webb. I have two stories this week, please feel free to comment, and offer criticisms. As always you are welcome to join in the fun. THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS STOPPING BY…hugs and love.



It didn’t matter that the building looked more like a shack than a house, let alone a home, for Sadie it was more than enough…she was free from her old life of homelessness, addictions, and abuse…she had found love, a house with a picket fence, shelter… something she had wanted all her life…

Mother always said white signaled hope…Sadie held onto that…she was moving into a house surrounded by hope, and considering where she had been, that was more than enough….


This shack with its perfect fence of white. Such memories it holds…Mama and Papa dancing late at night, Jess and I watching from our bedroom….those were some great good memories. Mama, and Papa arguing at the break of dawn…Sarah Lee the church secretary always the theme of said quarrels.Such memories we have of this shack…many of them built from our peeping games, including Papa hitting mama dead in the face….the sound of his 1987 Volkswagen driving off that warm night…Papa was never seen again…


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  1. The writing in both of these stories is entrancing. I especially like what you did with the fence in the first story, and the line “moving into a house surrounded by hope” resonated the most for me.

  2. Enjoyed both stories, Boomie dear.

    If I might be allowed to share mine here 🙂

    Once built with secret hopes of a rendezvous away from prying eyes. Found out they were both – one chased out of town and the other divorced and drunk in wine.

    Now as I drive, past, I sigh at the impetus of youth and stupidity. Lost my love and paid for my lust.

    What a life.

  3. two great stories this week! ^^ the first one a beautiful story of gratitude and the second one a truly terrifying tale — frighteningly realistic, and both very well written ^^

  4. Hi Boomie,
    I liked both stories but I think the second one has greater dramatic impact. One grammar point, should be its not it’s in first line of second story. Sorry, old English teacher can’t help himself. Liked the point of view, the children watching their parents in both times of happiness and conflict. Ron

  5. I love the first story even if the second has more of a dramatic impact as Ron said. The first one shows hope in a dark world. I love the message. And Damn girl looking good in that photo..You sure you have kids?

  6. well I hardly get one done and you do two! Well done boomie! I enjoyed them both in different ways. The first full of hope and promise. The second full of pain and loss.

  7. Yay my first comment on your blog this year. I have been reading all this while with my phone though,but never commented because i wasn’t signed in. I like the first write-up though.

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