We are not all John and or Sally
Doesn’t mean our names are less appealing or important
They aren’t more appealing or important either
Still they matter much to us

Mine “Olúbùnmi” joyfully given by 2 adoring parents
In its entirety means “God gives me”
And He does over and over again
Orúkọ rọ mi

So next time you want to say my name
Please do respectfully without the irritating sniggers
And side comments about what sort of name it is…

Call it as you see it or at least try (no laughter required)
Then go about your usual business
As you would if you called a John and or Sally

*And so I reveal my real(first) name :)*

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  1. Oh I love this and your name. I so wish I could hear you say it as I think it would sound as beautiful as you are. Bless you and thank you.

  2. When I came to Britain and I stayed with some people from church, they asked my name. I told them, they asked again, I told them again, Then they gave up. “Never mind” they said, we just call you Harry. How’s that? 😉

  3. Olúbùnmi
    That is a wonderful name.
    But now I feel bad! My name is only “Joe”!
    I have learned so much about you from your poetry. It is good now to know your first name. Thanks for sharing it.

    • Joe is just as wonderful. To someone outside my tribe…my name is beautiful, unique, and all that. But in truth it is one of the most common Yoruba names, and as a child I wondered why I didn’t have a more special name…these days I know better 🙂

      Thanks so much

  4. Beautiful post, beautiful name, for a beautiful lady.

    They say ignorance is bliss! I love it when people are ignorant, I LOVE throwing it back in their face with some witty comment they wern’t expecting. Then I say, ohhh yes, it’s not okay anymore is it..that’s what I thought! You go girl! Unleash that sass! 🙂

  5. I would love to hear you say your name on a video sometime. I’d love to hear your voice too. I got to hear and watch a blogger “She’s a Maineiac” do a Q&A video awhile back and it was cool for a lot of reasons. I had a mental picture of her and her personality and I got to to see very different and also very cool additional aspects of her and her personaility. It was fun. I’ll bet a video with you as the star would be a lot of fun too!

    • I am too self-conscious and do not exactly like the sound of my own voice, but who knows, this blog and all the kind people are making more confident than ever these days :).

      Thank you so much

  6. I can imagine Twinnie – My real name get’s mispronounced quite a bit & I think it’s so simple. I love your name. It sounds poetic just like you!

  7. You can call me everything, just not early up in the morning… 🙂 🙂 😉

    Excellent written – Olubunmi is a lovely name… 🙂

    When I started in school we were 6 boy out of 14 who had the same first name in the same class – so no one of us were called our real first name… 😉

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