A Poetic Gift And Thank Yous’


I had the most beautiful day all thanks to God, and you all. I ate, laughed, danced, played, got teary eyed, and all in all had fun.

My day was taken to a new height of gratitude with a wonderful poem I got from my dearest Twinnie; and I thought to share with you all. Thanks so much I am truly grateful, God bless!!!

Once upon a March 1st
Not too long ago
A beautiful sweet mother so full of glow
To deliver they go
While angels from heaven
So full of glee
Celebrate the chosen baby
to ride the sunbeam
A blessing sent to earth
Momma’ gives birth
Calls her living angel

Written by the talented Rosy, thanks Twinnie


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  1. The two of you, twinnies indeed. I am happy for both of you to share what you share with one another. A gift in and of itself for each of two exceedingly most special beloved caring individuals boomie. Add the talent well then, wow! Just great. I love RoSy’s poem. Her beautiful poem a gift from her heart. A glorious gift indeed! 🙂

    • You know I have been meaning to send you an email about that, because I know the celebration was scheduled for March. It’s been so busy and hectic around here.

      How are things going on your end? Thanks so much for taking time to stop by

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