Friday Fictioneers, I Wonder What This Is-3/8


It’s that time of the week again, Friday fictioneer par Rochelle, and this week’s photo is courtesy of Jennifer Pendergast. I came up with this fictional story that is not the best but is the best I could come up with. Comments and constructive criticisms are very much welcome, and feel very free to join in the fun and participate. THANK YOU FOR ALWAYS STOPPING BY. Blessings for a great weekend!

Image courtesy of Jennifer Pendergast

Image courtesy of Jennifer Pendergast.

Bunmi squinted… after only 3 hours of sleep she could barely keep her tired eyes open. It didn’t help that the snowstorm had caused power outage and her glasses were still missing.

Reaching over in the dark for her phone, she checked her email…there was a message from Rochelle. She tried to stare at the image but there was no use, it was hard to see…it looked like a giant candle to her, but after the doctor’s results on her eyes it really could be anything…

She rubbed her tired eyes again as a tiny voice called for her in the dark…the unknown image in the email bothered her…she wanted to know what it was…she wanted the lights back, and her vision right…


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  1. Welcome back. Funny your story is exactly what happen to me. I thought this picture was a ugly hanging lamp. I was looking on my kindle. I ended up writing two stories. You none good as always.

  2. Okay if I’m squinting (no glasses) from only 3 hours of sleep,yawn, and had a power outage at the same time boomie and looked at the prompt of the photo, I’d be worried too! lol, love it!

  3. Ha – if you look at it squinty it kinda’ looks like the light the eye doc uses as he/she approaches the eye. Hope by now you have your power back & have found your glasses.

    • You are so right Twinnie…glad I am not the only squinter haha. Thanks always, I feel like I have been so out of touch. Life has been incredibly busy…hoy, the joys of adulthood

  4. Haha, I read someone say once: if you don’t know what to write, tell the story of how you don’t know what to write. It feels like you’ve done that here and it’s come off really well!

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