These Monsters That We Preach

These monsters that we preach 
Disguised as advertisements and fun TV shows
They lead to this hate that we have now reached
Guns passing faster than silly love notes during boring track meets
A generation fast fading in neighborhoods unseen
Their backs turned to themselves and their dying consciences
Hate is glorified in the most lavish of ways
Who can curse faster and better?
Be the bully to that freckled fatty with redhead
Love now larger and farther than a once four letter word
Still a heavy burden on the hearts of those who seek to live it
Monsters are disguised in the most beautiful of ways
Thousand dollar purses on Robertson Boulevard 
Katherine’s growing baby bump the obsession of many dawns
Youths in disdain adults in disarray
Corrupt economies on the rise as the chocolate cookies crumble
Grease stained fingers pointed in diverse directions
Yet those monsters we continue to preach have nothing to do
With the hate that we have now reached

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  1. I agree completely with Robyn, Boomie. I was going to write and still am (before reading Robyn’s words) The words are true and perfect! Excellently stated, I feel the emotion behind the words and it matches my own and many others out here. Thank you for this one dear friend! xx

  2. Been waiting to read som’n about this for a while!
    I feel like I should give it to a professor at school for class analysis.
    Thank You!

  3. What a cruel world this could be.

    “freckled fatty with redhead”
    I would just wanna’ pinch his cheeks & squeeze the cuteness out of him 🙂

  4. Wow, you deliver your message superbly, those stark truthes are portrayed in heart rending fashion. How it is that you keep your standard so sky high, I will never know but I will continue to keep reading.

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