There Are Days Like Today That Beg For A Good Cry…


There are days and weeks that are longer and tougher than others…and such has been the past week…so it was no surprise when I woke up with tears at the pit of my tired throat.
This will come as news to anyone who has been around me today because I am the queen of keeping it all in; I truly believe as adults there are some things we deal with, adjust, adapt… but today I was worn…

I didn’t want to bother the girls because they are babies and they have been worried about me all week…telling their teachers their mom’s back is hurting and she has to go to the doctor, and asking that they pray for me…the Mr. has his plate full as well…so the adult in me kept it all in…

Today however, it was a struggle and so when I left the house for a training class…I knew I needed a good cry…either of my sisters would be great listening ears…but I wanted to be a child and just cry…let it all out without necessarily talking…so I called my dad.

Truth is I am still his child…I always will be, and so I dialed his number without knowing what I was going to say…we talked for a bit and then I burst into tears….I tried to explain the tears but there was no use…
Bless my dad’s heart, one of his many strengths is his quiet spirit and so he listened as I talked and cried…he let me have at it without interrupting…and then like the blessing that he will always be, he encouraged, and prayed with me.

I didn’t feel perfectly better, but I was grateful for the moment to just be his daughter…his child…not wife…not mom…not employee… not busy…not uncertain and unsure….just a child who needed a good cry and listening ears…I pulled myself together after I hung up and went about my day.

My drive home tonight wasn’t as bad and I was just glad I had a home and loving family to go to…then Tenth Avenue North’s “Worn” came on the radio and I had another good cry…the song speaks to me and just how I feel many days…I guess some days just need a good cry and reality check that I am only human…today was one…and I can’t wait to go to bed and just let it all out for the last time…

Lord willing come tomorrow…the sun will shine and hope, grace, strength, and love will be restored….



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  1. Bless you Boomie. My mother used to go to the movies by herself sometimes. When we’d ask her “How was the movie, Mom”, she’d say “Good. I had a good cry”. It was well written, and I hope you’re feeling better.

  2. I am sorry you had to endure the past few weeks alone. A good cry is always a very good solution when needed. Hope you felt better and things were clearer, after your good cry. I am thinking of you and wishing you a clear and pain free path. Namaste.

  3. So sorry you were in so much back pain–I can totally sympathize how sucky it is! ❤ Your dad sounds like an amazing man because it is so rare a person will just let you TALK. Sometimes folks just need to verbalize their frustrations without feedback and your dad lets you do that. Please know of my prayers in hoping you will feel better, and soon! xx

  4. Over and over in your writings, we have come to know your good father. You are fortunate to have such a person to turn to, a man of heart, of spirit and and deep wisdom.
    When I get to that crying point — But wait! We men don’t cry, do we?! — it was to my father that I also would turn. Many a time I would pick up the phone and let it all out. Even though I’m an older guy, husband, father, business owner, I still needed my dad.
    Sadly, he passed away at the end of November.
    Blessings on your father!

  5. Hugs to you my friend. I can relate to this post. These days, I feel like I can’t stop the tears. Life gets hard and it’s good to let it out sometimes. It helps us become stronger. I hope you get some rest and keep crying as long as you need to. I’m here for you if you need anything.

  6. I’ve been there before so I empathize with you. We all have these moments and can relate. I am thankful that your dad was there to just listen to you cry it out and then pray with you. I pray healing, strength, comfort and peace in Christ Jesus for you and for the wellness of your back problems.

    Cast your cares before the Almighty and give your tears over and allow Him to dry your eyes. Lord willing tomorrow comes, give thanks for another day of life for someone’s time expired. Breathe in…. exhale and take each moment with a heart of gratitude. God has you covered.

    Hugs and blessings to you,


  7. Sending lots of love boomie — I hope your back is ok ~ gosh don’t hesitate to call on me for anything if you need an ear or guidance in that department. I know how hard it is to be all the things we want to be when we are dealing with physical pain. Your Dad is a wonderful soul – and I’m so happy you have a safe place to go when you just need a loving presence that way. I will keep you in prayer for a very quick recovery. xo ~ RL

  8. {{{Hugs}}} to you my dearest Twinnie. So sorry that you feel that way. And – I will pray for ou & that you feel better inside & out. Glad you were able to go to your dad & just be his child & nothing/nobody else. Sometimes we come to a point were our souls just need a good cry.
    God bless you & God bless your dad xoxo

  9. I wish you days of laughter, my friend! I’m glad that you have shoulders to lean on and that you are surrounded by listening ears and caring hearts.
    Shared burdens are much lighter and I’m sure that this is a passing phase.
    Be strong, my dear. You mean so much to me and to many!

  10. You are loved. There are those days, sometimes more than what seems like our fair share boomie. Hang on, hang in and know that you are much loved! And sometimes we need to be is daddies little girl. It’s a good thing.

  11. Some days you just have to lest it all out. If you keep it in, you will go crazy. Letting it slip out a little at a time will make you go crazy, so you just need a good blast of tears to clear the mind. Clear the tear ducts wash everything out of the eyes.

    We are all here for you and thinking of you Boomie

  12. You just made me cry my eyes out this morning. I have so much av bottled up for a while. Being an adult isn’t easy…..and I miss my Dad too. He was ill for a while before he died but am sure if he were fine and alive, it would have been nice to talk to him this morning. My love to your Dad. He has always been an understanding father. It seems fathers understand us more than our mothers cuz most mothers want you to be right at all times. I love my mum anyways. I pray I get to be that mum that my kids can always turn to when they need to cry…Its a tough one. Thanks a lot Boomie. I really appreciate this piece.

  13. It is good to let it all out and not keep everything in. It is good ot cry. Wishing you strengthe and giving you a big hug and my shoulder if you want to cry a bit more. xx

  14. Thank you for sharing your pain and sadness with us, Boomie. They are welcome here. I’m glad that you and your father have such a relationship that you can go to him and feel safe in his heart. When you have cried out enough of the pain and sadness that you can begin to count your blessings again, I believe that he will be high on your list.

  15. Boomie, my friend, we are all hear for you, how do I add to the above posts? Well just to point out to you that you are loved and supported on here. Send me a Stemail if you need me, anytime.

  16. We women wear many hats and we try to stay strong for those who depend on us. It’s okay to have weak moments because we are human. Crying helps cleanse our heart and soul. Our tears can come from no where and that too is okay. For every tear we shed we get stronger to be who we need to be for those who depend on us. So cry as much as you need to. You are blessed to have such a caring dad.

  17. We love you girl!! hang in there ok? Joy always comes in the morning and God will give you strength to carry on. Love you loads! God Bless

  18. I completely understand how you feel. Sometimes the tough moments in life just overwhelm me and I find the only thing that fixes it is my mom. I call her and ask her to just come be with me. I don’t need her to do anything in particular. Just to be there. I love that your daddy is that safe place for you. Blessings to you love. And may God send you strength, support and a break. Big big big hugs honey. Joanna

  19. Feeling for you Boomie. There are definitely those days… You’re father is a gem, to be able to be there for you in such a compassionate way. I hope the morning brings a better day for you. But if not, know that it will pass. The sun will shine, again…

  20. so behind in reading Boomie, but my dear one I am sending you love and prayer for you are a special one and deserve all pain free and joy. my secret is to find a song that makes me cry and listen to it once a week I do this I drive around the lake or just park in the far corner of a parking lot I listen to the sad song think all the losses and cry and cry. talk about a cleansing!!! I am then able to cope for awhile longer. God bless boomie.

  21. Boomie, how blessed you are to have such a wonderful dad! I know how you feel…had some days like that myself, especially when I was raising the little ones. This too shall pass, and I’m glad you had a good cry…it can be so cleansing…

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