This Wait

The thirst grows with each drop of snow
Bumps like tiny points blanket in & around my inner thighs
And tight hips
Love and lust growing with each chill...

Puffs of thick white air fill the outside scene
And my cold sore lungs rise in anticipation
Ample bosom beating faster than normal

This wait for spring’s blossom and renewal is far past its prime

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      • thanks boomie ~ hope all is well by you … saw you were having a rough time of it at one point. hope much better now. I’m still struggling a bunch – but have some new tools and am trying hard to figure out a way to avoid more surgery. Still not sure how much chance I have — but thankful for some better insight on how to keep joints in sockets (even if they won’t stay there very long)…. one day at a time though ~ xo much love

      • Indeed one day at a time…hang in tough. You are in my thoughts and prayers.

        Yes it been rough the past few weeks but I think I see better days ahead…thanks so much Robyn.

        Hugs and love for a great restful Easter. God bless

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