How Quickly I Forget


The truth is I am blessed
Yet somehow in the midst of life
All I feel is stress
Lost in the world of back and forth
How quickly I forget

How quickly I forget the smile on two dainty faces
Faces that ask to be kissed over and over
Then some more over again
Soft dark skin forever blushing love

How quickly I forget the arms broad and wide wrapping me tight
Night after night
Sweetness and good lust whispered in eager ears

How quickly I forget my father’s words of wisdom
Timely and genuine
Quietly echoed with kindness and strength
Sound correction, profound truth

How quickly I forget the love of a Savior
Offered at will to an undeserving me
Time and time again

How quickly I forget L.O.V.E
Quiet and warm
Cheering me on
Leading me strong…

How quickly I forget
How truly blessed I am


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  1. at times when we think we have forgotten we have only to remind ourselves…but you have taken it a step further and reminded all of us too =) I thank you.

  2. You never forgot, Boomie! It only seems like you forget, because you don’t take time to remember. That’s because life is demanding. Yet, here you are taking some time to remember, and reminding us all to do the same in your doing so.

  3. It’s a cycle we all go through. After-all, we are only human. The great thing is we come to the realization soon enough to snap out of it. Enjoy family & enjoy life Twinnie πŸ™‚
    God be with YOU always…

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