I Question


Prayers from these weary lips
Supplications from this trembling heart
Often go unanswered
Night after night
Or so it seems
These eyes lack sight
They do not see past the salty tears

The fate of earth a burden on these tired shoulders
Hope falling with every failed tear wiped dry
Somehow better must be done…
But when and how?
By whom and with what?

The weight of many worries crush my frame
It mocks my faith and belittles my beliefs

What do I believe these days?
Do I believe anymore?
I question life and day I question doubt and faith
I question my existence and its truth
What is my purpose in the midst of hurt that so overwhelms?

Those children going for nights without bread
Their crumbled roofs encircling death & reproach around them
Nightmares overshadow their sleep
Every morning those nightmares unfold in their pained reality

These lips tremble in prayer
This heart cries in supplication
It seeks for hope within my broken center

Perhaps my only hope
The answer that I seek is doing my part
And living in faith

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  1. Boomie, Your last line is the answer and the affirmation of faith in the Pauline sense. Thanks for this and for challenging us to re-examine and to rediscover the meaning of faith in a challenging world.

  2. Been there lots of times. But – in the end – I always hold on to faith. I know you do to. After-all – we’re Twinnies 😉
    Hang in there & stay strong xoxo

    • Yes we are :). I feel so out of touch, forgive me. It’s been so busy and hectic, but I think things should slow down pretty soon. Hugs and love, thanks for always

  3. Hello Boomie. As long as we believe and hold on strongly to our faith and hope, and one final thing my friend – opportunities – each of us get presented with opportunities, they sneak in unexpected and suddenly we are given an opportunity to make a small positive difference, but a good one none the less and that is how we progress slowly, in small steps of faith, hope and making a difference as we can dear friend! Wishing you the very best, blessings to you and your family! much love, Penny xx

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