I Wish I Could Write


I wish I could write
Like great minds of old
Thoughts forming at the sight of blank & pen
Words churning into mystery and magic
Entrancing you (reader) who wants to glimpse and just pass by
Sweet verses forever imprinted in your fore-eyes


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  1. Is that a comment about my glasses? Lol. Love your writing Boomie, it is new and vibrant, a nice contrast to the older sometimes dusty words of olde.

      • It is great to be the first commenter on your page, an accolade I have only twice achieved. I do miss my Boomie time, I hope you are well? My glasses are wonky, that’s me in my Gravatar (shockingly) holding them straight whilst attempting to make it look like an artful pose lol.

  2. You do. In the very best of tradition like the writers of old, Boomie. Since the first time I came to read your beautiful words Boomie, I’ve become enchanted with your written words, like all the others as you hold us (your audience) captive waiting for your next creation! Just the truth, my very dear friend! πŸ™‚ xx

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