FEAR: The Doubts Of Many Nights


False Evidence Appearing Real
The doom of many dreams

Day after day it plagues
Which one will soon come true?
The emotion that captivates the heart to still…
Or passion that causes it to bleed(beat)


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    • I know :(. I think this has been a year of learning so far, been busy with classes and exam etc, but things should start to ease up soon. I have missed everyone as well.

      Thanks so much Kim 🙂

  1. I haven’t stopped by to leave a comment in a while! Glad to see you’re still writing. This poem is absolutely perfect for what’s been going on in my life lately. So inspirational!! Thank you!

  2. Well get ready for more blushing, you are one of the writers on here that has inspired me to do my own bits of poetry lately. You are the bestest…it’s rare I make a girl blush, I should issue certificates for that…they’d go like hot cakes on eBay.

      • Your certificates are on the way, take that carbon footprint!
        I have done a couple iof poems that I have posted this month one on the 7th and one today. Okay apologies for the shameless advertising but I would be honoured if you would cast an eye over them when you have some time for you are good with words….and then some!

  3. There are passages in life Boomie. Understand that this is one of them for you. It is not related to any particular thing, but where your emotions/thoughts/feelings are in the moment. The good news is this will pass. Be at peace, let go and (trust me on this one … the muse will find her way! She always does, dear friend) take care of you and your beautiful family. Much love from my heart to you, Penny xo

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