The Day They Met


In that moment her brown eyes caught his
Eternity happened and
Two became one


Between them
A world of desire yet unlived
Currents of lust never to be spoken(of)
Rose quietly

Subtle smiles framing their lower lips

* Long time no post :). I really wish I had a good reason for not posting or interacting like I want to, and I can say I am busy which is mostly true, but I also have not had the desire to write as much as I would like to…nevertheless, I am going to commit myself to writing again as much as I possibly can with hopes that it will start to get easier and better.

Thank you for always stopping by, I have missed interacting with everyone. I hope you are all doing great, have a great week…God bless.

Much love


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  1. ‘Eternity happened’, wow, that is one heck of a phrase to take in, it’s just wonderful. Hope you have a great week as well, your writing is wonderful, keep that in your heart and read the millions of comments you have had…let that inspire you my good friend.

  2. Boomie it is so good to hear from you again! Seems your muse is back with this one. When my muse rests for too long I go back and reread older writes of my own and then I dig into friends poetry to inspire her to get back to it. LOL love and hugs (((xx)))

  3. Short, sweet & back with a BOOM!
    It’s in the name 😉
    Miss not seeing your pretty face on the WP. But – I know how it goes with everyday family stuff. And – I’m sure the twins keep you quite busy too. Always here for you & your muse! xoxo

    • Thanks so much twinnie :). Been a hectic year but still thankful…hugs and more hugs. I will try really hard to visit and post more often…fingers crossed lol

  4. Love it! It’s always great to see you back. I’ve missed you! I hope everything is okay, and that you do continue writing. I’ve been feeling disconnected from my blog, so I kind of understand. Hugs!

    • I have missed you too Lily. I will try to get back into the groove of things very soon. It’s been busy and I have been feeling very disconnected but I will encourage myself and get back to it. Big hugs and hope you get back into it too :).

      Thank you always Lily

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