I Sink


On this quest for height
I struggle too many nights in the dark
In valleys deep and wide
I sink
Thoughts of red and sand filling my core
(Yet) six feet under is not a choice


About boomiebol

Finding me- I have always played it safe, too unsure and timid for my good. Now, I have decided to come out of my shell, open myself up to life, and my purpose, and share my writings; I hope I find an honest audience. My writings are based on my realities, my dreams, and my very wild fantasies. I hope you like them. Happy reading!

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  1. Oh no Twinnie – I hope this is just a write & not something that you are going through at the moment.
    Much love, many blessings, & lots of hugs to you always…

  2. I echo some of the other commenters in that I hope this is creative fiction and not something you are feeling. If the latter, may you surround yourself with those you love who bring positive energy to you. Plug into them. Draw on their energy and their love. Find positive connections. Hug them.

    If it is creative fiction, it is powerful. It conveys much with few words. Well done.


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