In The Face Of War


In the face of the war…
There are no sore losers…
Nor are there great winners
Not the one whose body hangs highest in the pile…
Lord in his life…
A mere body in death

There are no winners…
In the face of war…
Not the one left desolate at 10
To the echoes of dust and death
He must now learn to live
A child at the start of war
Soon he will be a casualty or the war’s lord

Yellow flowers know the same fate
Blood dripping red in their roots
Trampled fast before a chance at nature’s law…

Generations to come will no doubt hear of the scars
Tales of war on the faces of their history…

*Praying for the people of Kenya*


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  1. Okay .. i’m going to have to check the news. My TV has been off today. I’, guessing something has kicked off in Kenya.

    Either way, this is a very moving piece of poetry Boomie.

    • Thanks much Al…

      I wrote this yesterday actually, and then I got home today and saw twitter filled with news of a terror attack at an upscale shopping mall in Nairobi…I checked online and apparently some terrorists had killed about 30 people at the mall…sad…

      • OMG!!! Why? Why can’t people just let people live. There is no reason to take another’s life.

        If everyone was to read their own holy books, it does not say that wanton destruction and murder should be used to further the aims and needs of their own Gods.

        Sometimes humanity makes me ill

      • Boomie, Ghana lost an illustrious son in this useless carnage. Prof Kofi Awonoor was a former Chairman of the Council of State and a retired university don with a specialty in English and the Arts. A seasoned poet who has written lots of poems and non-fiction, he was in Kenya to attend a literary event when his life was cut shot. His son, who was in the Mall is critically injured.

        Your poem is tragically apt!

  2. War is … Hate Unlimited.
    War is … The Strength of a Chain at Its Weakest Link
    War is … Mankind in Its Most Ignorant State
    War is, was and always will be until all mankind embraces a higher love that is beyond all religion and all politics.
    _Resa xoxoxo

  3. Prayers for all of these living souls on earth. Hate flows rampant and the meek and innocent will pay dearly. Our children will fight for the rulers and we will mourn their death. Prayer for us all that love sprouts with peace to ring loud to be heard on the four corners of this earth.

  4. It is so important that we do not let these times go by without writing about them. I am so glad you did. Future generations need to know that there was someone who cared enough to write about it, someone who realizes that it will never be commonplace for some–just madness. Beautiful job!

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