I think of you when I sleep
Just before my head finally hits the pillow
After a long day of “hard” work
A night of rest becomes a blur
In the mind of my back
(Assuming my back had a mind of its own)

I think of you at dawn
When the girls wake and ask for a cup of hot milk
Their big brown eyes still heavy from 10hours of sleep
I yearn for you to be there taking great care of them
As I roll to the other side and sleepily mumble
“Go to grandma”

I think of you at 7pm on Saturday nights
When I have to scrub their back
And I ask that they bend slightly so I don’t reach so hard
My back belabored from a long pregnancy begs to rest
Cracking with every move I make

I think of you when I sleep
Recapping the day in the front of my mind
Just before my head hits the pillow
And I can’t help but wonder
How different it all could be
If you were here and around


About boomiebol

Finding me- I have always played it safe, too unsure and timid for my good. Now, I have decided to come out of my shell, open myself up to life, and my purpose, and share my writings; I hope I find an honest audience. My writings are based on my realities, my dreams, and my very wild fantasies. I hope you like them. Happy reading!

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  1. It is terrible when we miss our mothers so much, mine has been gone for just on eight years and I still wake calling out “moma” and of course when I am sick, in trouble or stressed and sometimes just to share a bit of news. My Dad went first then my mom and I really feel like an orphan even though we were not that close. Great write and good to hear from you.


  2. Thank you for this one Boomie. I can’t tell you how many times my wonderful mom comes to mind as I go through life’s struggles and experiences remembering how awesome she was! Again thank you, beautiful words dearest friend of mine! (hoping and sending prayers that both the job and move are going well for you, and that somewhere in there – you are getting a little rest!) Take care of you! xo

  3. This beautifully written poem took me back to the loss of my mother. I too often wonder how different my life may have been if I had a mother there by my side. Sending hugs your way Boomie.

  4. Boomie, you do bring forth all the emotions in your wonderfully crafted pieces. It never anything than other than an absolute honour to survey your fine work.

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