Once With Sticks And Stones


Once with sticks and stones we wrote our words
Bruised deep within from the burden of the thoughts we bore
Words churning on our insides like smooth cream
When like kids we dared to dream

Lullabies formed between soft ABCs’
Our dreams realized in the eyes of sleepy tots
Drifting off to slumber at the sound of our words
Dreaming just like us of (their) tales soon to be told

10/15/13 2:51pm
© Boomiebol2013


24 responses »

  1. Lovely poem, Boomie! Nice to read words by you again. I know how work can take our time, but it can reward us greatly. Still, maybe I’ll buy a lotto ticket today! Hugs, and Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Oh I miss reading you Boomie! I miss blogging, I miss wordpress. sobs!!
    You started a new job, how awesome… please come back, we all miss you. I promise I’ll probably start writing again if you come back 😀

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