Who Speaks For These?


* I saw the picture of a kid in the Ukraine… In the midst of many wars, unrest and slaughters, these thoughts were born*

Who speaks for these ones
Who have no faces
Shadows in the space of war

Who speaks for them at night
When fright abound and hopes subside
Tears the company to their fate

Who speaks for them when fear is still
Suffocated by bombs and guns
Will silenced by a piece of steel
Hope abandoned to a time called tomorrow
A future that (might) never comes

3/6/14 10:16pm edited 3/10/14 12:49pm


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  1. Too often sides target the innocent. William Tecumseh Sherman said war is hell, but he also decided that the quickest way to end the War Between the States was to include the citizenry among casualties.

  2. Poignant words, and you Boomie are one who speaks for them in your poetry.
    Remember your Art Gown is dedicated to “World Vision” at your request. You are young, and it is not known how loud your voice will become, and what it will accomplish!

  3. Hauntingly beautiful. I wish this topic wasn’t even a possible source of inspiration but I pray for the children that are in the midst of war. I can only imagine the suffering of living through that. Really wish the “powers that be” would strive for peace.

  4. Eloquent and empathetic call to attention. These children’s grandparents and great-grandparents had a similar childhood – is there no end? This could be Sudan, Syria… A timely and powerful work – well done.

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