#Bringbackourgirls: A Cry For Help


If the children(boy and girl) are our future…Then it is up to us as “responsible”humans and adults to defend, and keep them from any and everything that seeks to hate, destroy, hurt, attack, intimidate, annihilate, and abuse them.

It is our core and essential duty. It is our life long responsibility to protect our children because they are our future… They are our tomorrow.





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  1. This is horrific. The pain associated with giving man freedom is a very high price. I pray that God watches over them and that they all (every single one) find their way home.

  2. So very terrible. Why does stuff like this happen? Why does stuff like this happen to our children?
    My heart hurts for these children an any child who is abused in any way.
    I just don’t understand how anyone can be so downright evil. Because this is pure evil.

  3. Hello Boomie. I’ve called Ron Wyden, Senior Senator from Oregon and a friend, with a request for any action our country might take right now. Wish I could do more. I will pray for their well being and safe return, Boomie. xo

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