Walk With Us: #bringbackourgirls


Our voices must echo louder than the bang of their guns
Our words must resonate higher than the boom of their bombs
Our stand must remain unified in the face of their intimidation
The ripple effect of our actions must trigger faster than the chaos they inflict
We must fight against the madness that is fast becoming Nigeria…

Walk with us on 5-10-2014 #bringbackourgirls

5/1/14 10:22pm



6 responses »

  1. It seems there is no rally in Toronto, yet. May 10 at noon I will be out walking, and I will say prayers, I will put positive energy out into the universe. You are a good Boomie! ❤

  2. This movement is now global and rating high in the press – it’s being heard in Abuja. Roar it loud Boomibol – I wish you well.

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