Friday Fictioneers: His Music


Image courtesy of Jan W. FieldsIMG_7855
I think his music will do them good…It flows from his beautiful mind to his fingers.

The serene melodic notes take us all to a place…A place of harmonious gratitude

Where mindless worries cease and burdens lift… I know his music will do them good…

Just watch them feel every bit of it…

So sad, he has never seen the impact of his talent…

PS: Happy New Year! I am hoping I can be as consistent as possible with writing this year. We shall see :).

Please feel to comment and critique kindly :).


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  1. Dear Boomie,

    It’s really wonderful to see you back. I’m not sure who exactly you were writing about in this piece, but it puts me in mind of Scott Joplin whom I wrote about. He died nearly a generation before his music was appreciated. Either way, well written and good to see you back in the fold.



    • Thank you so much. I read the piece you wrote on him. I had never heard of him until I read your post. It’s such a shame he wasn’t well appreciated when he was alive… Unfortunately, sometimes that is the way it happens. Thank you for the excellent job you continue to do with Friday Fictioneers

  2. Boomie!!! Great to see you back writing, I always love your writing, so emotional and honest. As an extention of the human form, instruments make us sound more graceful.

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