Purely Lust


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  1. Pele!

    another 4 letter word
    like other bads, bad,
    badder, baddest,
    love is the best

    yet without it
    all love is cold
    without heat
    with no hold

    lust alone
    ls but hollow bone
    heat with no soul
    hurts lips,hips and sole

    give me love with lust
    great loves know lust
    for not all lust is physical
    not all physical is bad

    Spare me from
    lust with no love
    spare me its tears
    fears and my tears

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  3. key issues – 1. exploration with no exploitation 2. No regrets, none at all – 3. were there repeated incidences or a one-off? “Periods of confusion” does seem to suggest repeated exposures.and revisits which revisits then suggest some fixation and dependence. Confusion and weakness suggest a recognition that lust is not rational…….bla bla bla Those who have walked this road before will recognise its features, its pains, its fears and its tears!

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