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  1. Powerful.

    Is forgetting spoken?
    Erasers are powerless
    On moments etched
    All over us,
    Sprinkled all over our
    Spaces even when
    It is all over
    And memories
    Still linger all over
    Like Dior Intense
    in strong Carrera Ould

    forgotten, spoken
    Is powerless against such

    memories are abiku
    eventually, with the speed
    of a lazy time piece
    meet their burial
    When time,
    Immemorial sweeper,
    timeless balm, peiceless

    visits us and slowly begins
    its cleaning, cleansing
    causing memories
    to fade, fade fade away

    But not die as
    Memories loaded
    With its pains, gains and stains
    are parts of our lives
    in full rewind

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