today after weeks of peaceful protests against police brutality across Nigeria.
the government had strategically deployed thugs to infiltrate the protests thus causing destruction and havoc in some areas over the past few days.
despite this the protesters stayed true to the mission and continued peacefully despite force and even killings by the police.
today however things took a tragic turn.
the Lagos state governor Jide Sanwoolu imposed a last minute state wide curfew giving protesters 4 hours to get off the streets…
unbeknownst to the protesters who stayed peacefully and unarmed. heavily armed military personnel had been dispatched to the most peaceful part of the protest. Lekki Toll bridge. electricity was turned off and CCTVs uninstalled.
the protesters were singing the Nigerian national anthem when the soldiers began shooting indiscriminately at them.
as best as I know hundreds have been injured. few confirmed dead.
no one deserves to be treated like this.
especially not at the hands of “a democratically elected government”
we have always known the Nigerian government from the president Buhari to the least in power for who they are.
today 10-20-20 each and every member of the Nigerian government confirmed it with the world as the witness.


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    • Terrible is putting it nicely. And you are so right we seem to be stuck in a negative cycle. Fingers crossed that the events of the past few weeks have enlightened the youth to taking back the country in the next election.

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