I had great plans this week. as did so many of us.

some of mine included a week long agenda with daily campaign and updates about my upcoming debut poetry collection “paper heart”

I had a schedule for everything. almost down to the T. yesterday I would have announced a giveaway that would run through Sunday.

I was going to post my newly acquired books and current read today. however the events that happened in my home country of Nigeria changed things and I had to stop… maybe pause…

yesterday I contemplated what to do about 10/27/20. I do not want to be insensitive in the least bit to the monstrous pains that my people have been dealt simply for peacefully asking for good governance. simply for existing. adding insults to the brutality. the lies and deafening silence from the government.

yet I knew 10/27 had a personal significance for me. I have shared the decisions that led to this date.

after thinking. trying to pray but mostly talking quietly within my spirit. seeking counsel. I still have knots in my stomach about what is truly best however I know I must proceed.

I am every bit with all Nigerians during these times and Lord willing will continue to offer my support as best as I am able.

starting today, I will be back to promoting #paperheartbyboomiebol as we are now in official countdown mode.

as I ask for your generous support of this long labor of love. May I ask that you lift Nigerians. Africans up in prayers. positive energies and lights. we need to be lifted. we need change and justice. swift change and justice.

there are calls for petitions. and various channels of support. please kindly engage in one. (I will put some up on my stories)

together we can be the generation that built a better world.

as always thank you 😊

10/22/20. 5:00am

Boomie Bol2020

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