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imprinting words in my daughters





Celebrating the women who have gone ahead of us. The ones who are along with us. The women coming behind us.

We are proud of the ones before us. In support of the ones by our sides. We encourage the ones coming up and behind us.

Happy International Women’s Day!!!



img_4738Words can find you at the strangest of times, and in the strangest of places.

Words found me on my drive to work this morning. This is typical, and I would do some voice notes because “don’t text and drive” however I have a new phone and enabled do not disturb while driving.

So I got out receipts and my trusty pencil, repeated the words that came several times so I don’t forget, and wrote them down at stop lights.

Can anyone else relate😀?

May passion and opportunity find you today.

Cheers to a great Tuesday!!