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Writing again(stroke after stroke)




Music drifted in the background as Hadija continued her chores, it didn’t seem like work when the stereo was playing neo-soul. Today, she had chosen Lauryn Hill, one of her favorites.

She polished the bathroom sink as the sweet sounds of Zion echoed throughout the newly decorated flat.

The song took her mind past the memories of the last year…

The divorce…

Trina taking everything…

She still couldn’t believe knowing Trina would bring her such great luck.

“Who would have thought?” she whispered.

A joyful smile filled her face as the song faded into the next.

Winning $259,000,000 seemed unreal…

1/25/18 1:05pm

©Boomie Bol2018

*I am currently writing a bunch of 100 word stories that I hope to share via this platform, and possibly a book. Appreciate comments and feedback.

Keep at it- Give it another chance


In my quest to better myself this year and improve my mind, one of the few things I am doing is reading…

Growing up, I was an avid reader and books were my comfort…I remember my mom buying lots of Enid Blyton books, and my joy reading them. Somewhere between teenage years and discovering other passions, lots of reading fell off my radar…what a shame.

Anyhow, I am back to reading and as of today the 5th of January I have read two books this year, and I am about to begin the third one…yay me!!! Fingers crossed I can keep the momentum going even when the days are busy and the nights short…

The last book I read was one I had gotten a few years ago but couldn’t get past the first few pages…it was hard to read.

Since I already had the book downloaded on my kindle app, I decided to read it especially since it was about self-worth…it would be the perfect read for the beginning of the year.

And so I started on book two for 2018 and quickly realized why I hadn’t read the book, the first time around…it wasn’t the easiest to read I must say but I kept reading…

As I got to what would be the middle of the book I noticed I was starting to enjoy the book…I even took notes on some of the thoughts that resonated with me…I was elated and glad I didn’t stop reading.

This got me thinking about life in general…many times, we start with good intent to accomplish a thing, in this case read a book; however we often give up because things aren’t going our way or don’t quite start off or turn out the way we want them to…and so like every “busy” person, we give up and move onto something else…

Sometimes it might be the right thing to do after all our time is precious and why waste it on a book that isn’t as engaging as we would like or on an opportunity that initially seems far-fetched…

Yet, if we can persevere and commit to what our end goal and focus is many times we would be glad and better for it.

This is not to say we should persist even when we know there is no hope…but we must always give it our best shot and effort and then if we do have to walk away from it…we can do so with our heads held high and our hearts satisfied.

I am glad I finished the book and while it wasn’t the easiest to read, I learnt from it and I will soon not forget what I learnt…

The long and short of it is that I hope we give our efforts a chance and see them through as best as we can…there just might be value at the end of it all…

Here’s hoping you and I go the distance in 2018, and give it all before considering otherwise…


Mommy ‘s Handfuls, Mommy’s Joy Full


She snores lightly on as I watch adoringly

Never mind she has just gotten into bed with me, disrupting my less than 6hour sleep
Her face in framed in peace as she breathes in and out.

She chews softly still as I watch smilingly 
Never mind she has just eaten through my perfectly portioned meal, reducing what was really less than enough
Her lips pursed in joy as she nibbles the last stewed beef.

I smile in both cases rest and satisfaction far from me, albeit badly needed
Such handfuls these ones can be, a never ending handful these ones will seem
But with each handful is 
My joy full… My love whole…

They are a handful
They are my joy full


New Year Greetings


With the New Year comes new dreams, visions, and desires…a fresh chance at a new start. Here’s hoping life opens up the year to us like never before; dreams falling in place, purposes taking flight, visions realized.

Happy New Year! May it be your best yet…

Last year, my fingers didn’t find time for the keyboard or pen as much as I would have liked, and it looks like it might be no different this year.

I will continue to write in my notes and such but I might not be able to share as I would like to…some major accomplishments require my undivided attention, and so I need to reprioritize my time, and schedule. I will make every effort to share whenever I can but please don’t hold me to it, especially if I go several months without sharing anything.

Feel free to reach out via email, Facebook, or twitter. I can’t promise I will be regular on those outlets as well, but it will be nice to hear from you once a while.

Have a fulfilling and blessed 2014.

Love loads,

Thank You Always


It must always be said, it can never be said enough, and so as often as I possibly can I say THANK YOU!

For always stopping by, reading, liking, commenting, and offering your friendship & support.

In the midst of life’s chaos, and the many stresses of adulthood, this platform brings me to my centered joy. I find myself smiling like a darling child when I am reading your comments, and posts. Thank you all so much.

I have not been able to respond to all comments as I would like or visit new followers as I should, but I am most grateful.

Have a wonderful Monday and a lovely week. God bless

Thank You Always!