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This Wait

The thirst grows with each drop of snow
Bumps like tiny points blanket in & around my inner thighs
And tight hips
Love and lust growing with each chill...

Puffs of thick white air fill the outside scene
And my cold sore lungs rise in anticipation
Ample bosom beating faster than normal

This wait for spring’s blossom and renewal is far past its prime

English Chap (Faithful Old Lover)


I am in need of
Perhaps pleasure
I am in need of…


I check my pad
4 old lovers
And counting

I flipped through names
what a delight

And to think I had been bored
for days
and waiting
for this tide of boredom to turn

I decide on an old favorite
An English chap
I’ve always had a thing
For those sorts

This particular lad has a way
with words

I am a sucker for words

This bloke never disappoints
He would satisfy me
No doubt

I flipped my pad
Giddy with teenage excitement
bustling with anticipation

Ready- steady- go

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Jeffrey Archer’s
“As The Crow Flies”