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During The Night

Traces of you & our mid-afternoon antics flush color to my pale cheeks
Blushing red in contained excitement I smile wide and loud
As I remember us and those things we did

Repeatedly Writing Itself

I take advantage of these thoughts
Turning them into words

Some loves are meant for the pages
Like ours repeatedly writing itself

You and I
Fill the empty spaces
Every magical encounter a verse
A chapter or book in the making

When Coffee Came Over For Tea

He came over for a cup of tea
On a cold Sunday morn
This tall dark drink of coffee

Our future was spelled out in my green and his earl grey(tea)
A (sly)smile of seduction forming & sealing his fate shut

Cookies crumbled under warm tea biscuits
When our quiet eyes finally met…

The unfolding story begs to be continued...

*Please feel free to offer criticisms, this is a freshly baked poem...*

Like That Warm Cornbread

I am a sucker for warm cornbread
Passion for it rising from within to my hips
Warmly intense in its soft smoothness like milk
Every bite is lust sweetly swallowed

Then there is you
Walking in
In the midst of it all
And once again like before you arrived
Passion starts rising

This time from my hips swayed and corked straight to the left
Where you dark brown eyes now rest

Like that warm cornbread…

He Kissed Her

He kissed her
On soft moist lips
A warm brown stain left lingering
Long after his summer scent was gone