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If You Can, Then You Must


State Of Mind


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It feels so easy to sit back
And condemn the many ills
From my “cushioned” point of view
But the truth is this is what I can do
For now…

I send my words
On an errand to many
Hoping they will inspire and propel
Perhaps one
A few or
The large majority to action

I send these words with the hopes
They will open the eyes of many
To the painful truth that ills abound

Be it in hidden and silent corners of homes
Where pedophilia hate and unspeakable abuse reigns
Or in high places
Where corrupt officials
Wipe the blood
Lies and evil from the lips
Just in time to scream “change, and a better future”
To the many that have become blind by ignorance
As another child unfortunate and hungry dies
From the many inexcusable horrors of her childhood

Yes it feels so easy to sit back
And condemn the many ills
From my “cushioned” point of view
But make no mistake
It isn’t easy to write these words
When the many inspirations behind them
Might be going through another round of hurt
As these words form
From the ones they should trust

* I had a different and very light post planned last night…these words came very early this morning…I think Saturdays should be laid back and chilled and I always want my posts to resonante that…but my heart wouldn’t let me off easy…this is what it feels led to post…a messenger of these words, I obey…I hope it finds the right audience and we can begin to work towards a better and good world. I think we can, if we do our best. THANK YOU ALWAYS!!!*

Innate Revolution


They jailed Fela
Gani F, Soyinka
My uncle and many more
Those who dared to speak
Were subject to imprisonment
And captivity

Shackled like common thieves
And locked away in isolation
They jailed them
To shut them up
It didn’t work

They beat peaceful protesters
Standing up for their basic rights
Fighting against corruption
Greed and governmental robbery
It didn’t work

Peaceful riots were threatened
By military bullies and
Soldiers – mechanized zombies
Carrying heavy duty weapons
And steeled machineries
Innocent lives caught in the mix
Of their oppression and tyranny
It didn’t work

They beat us up physically
Battered us mentally and
Struck us emotionally
It didn’t work

They attacked our worth
And wounded our minds
To shut us down
It didn’t work

The revolution is now innate
Passed down from our forefathers
To our fathers
Given to us to continue the fight
Take back our nations
And rebuild it
That our future
Need not go through the same
Senseless brutalities

We have been passed the torch
The mantle has been given to us
And we accept with pride
The innate revolution

We will pay the price
To see Nigeria live its dreams
We will pay the price
To see Africa rise from the ash
We will see to the end of our horrors
And hellish nightmares
This time it will work

As Africa and its nations fight
Fight to take back their lands
From misfits and dictators
Small minded creatures
As her leaders



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A land of states
And nations
Plagued by aches
Woes and devastations
Childhood is but a dream
Adulthood a nightmare


Dreams of your freedom
Remain fantasies
the nightmares in your sleep
are your harsh realities
Your states weep for you
Your nations cry for you


They cry for what can be
For freedom that seems a dream
For independence that is real
For the hope that you carry


Let your hopes ignite
Let your powers provoke
Let your pains awaken
The greatness that is you-


Happy Birthday To Me: Dear Self, This One is For You!


Me and my Chocolate and Hazelnut Cake with Caramel ButterCream

It’s my birthday, Yay! I love birthdays, especially mine :). I get a day that’s truly mine to celebrate myself. (I’m so vain). I eat, drink, party, and just have a great time. I never miss an opportunity to enjoy myself on my birthday.
This year as my birthday approaches, my state of mind is somewhat different, still celebratory no doubt but also deep in thoughts. Every year, I grow older but am I any wiser? Do I grow in other ways that matter? Or am I stuck in the phase of average, and ordinary?

It’s so easy to lose focus, and pursue the not so significant especially when there seems to be so much clamoring for my attention. So this year, while still celebrating I am going to take some time to search inward, truly search and find ways that I can grow myself.

1. No more excuses: yes, I am a queen in that area. They just seem so convenient, and easier to handle. Unfortunately they don’t get me anywhere, instead I’m left stagnant and really on the decline. I have found that my excuses are just a way to hide the fact that I am being lazy.

2. Let go: I am terribly timid, insecure, shy, scared, and all those things that seem charming but are really not. I set up inhibitions for myself in my own head just as an idea pops up. Rather than thinking of ways to execute the ideas, I kill them even before they get a chance.

3. Failure: nobody wants to fail. But if I don’t try, how would I know, and if I don’t fail, how can I learn to do it better. I need to understand that failure is not the enemy, but staying in that state is the real default.

4. Get over myself: I am so self-conscious, it’s become terrible. I get so ill at ease quickly. I hate attention, and so the moment anyone notices me, the insecurities take over. I need to get over myself because I am sure everyone else has.

5. Seek out myself: I don’t know myself, or maybe I do and I’m unsure. I need to seek out my own personal truths, know, and own them. No more living through other people’s perceptions or point of view. No more presenting myself as something different to different people, and trying to please everyone. Recognize my strengths, believe, and own them.

6. Love myself wholly: the good, bad, and ugly. Every part of me must be loved and appreciated before others can. Besides, how can I obey the great commission of loving my neighbors as myself, if I don’t love myself? I will take good care of my body, my mind, my spirit, and soul. I will nurture my well being. Live better, think wiser, and do better.

7. Worry less: stop over thinking everything, stop analyzing every detail. Stop obsessing over issues, what people think or say about me. I don’t always have to be in control. The One who created the world has got it all covered.

8. Believe in me: nobody else will if I don’t. Put an end to the constant need for validation from others. Stop trying to fit into every crowd I find myself in. Understand that its ok to be different.

9. Embrace my life: so many things I wish my life was, but it’s not. I must learn to embrace and be thankful for the life that I have.

10. Gratitude: learn to be thankful for my blessings and misfortunes, for they all work together for a far greater good.

These are the areas I need to grow this year, Lord willing next year I won’t just be a year older, but also wiser. I am going to hold myself accountable for my own growth.

So this birthday, while I am happy I am a year older, I am also happy that I am finally growing up. Happy birthday to me, Yay!

And if you are wondering how old I am, I will tell you. I am old enough :)!

If this note mirrors your life in anyway, feel free to join me on this journey towards personal growth, and maturity.