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Thoughts Out Loud


I lay here in my bed thoughts of Alton Sterling’s death playing in my mind. 

Nights like this bring so many questions to mind… Questions that can never be answered… Or truly understood.

I contemplate faith… Grace… And a good God. 

I was born a Christian, and endeavor to live as such. I am born again although I question that all the time. 

Weary nights, and disheartening events like the repeated killings of young black men cause me to ponder on the notion of a good God.

A good God, and the beliefs that pertain to him were brought to the shores of Africa by the same people who constantly seek to oppress us… And I wonder how they can tell us about a God so pure…so good…so true…yet seek to destroy us… How can this God allow them?

Faith runs ahead of me many times, and leaves me contemplating…

Tonight as I approach the cross roads of pain and hurt… I find myself at the corner of disappointment and disdain… I ask this good God to come to the rescue of the oppressed… The ones who we have been told are also created in His image

7/6/16 9:21pm


Church Music


Church music
Sways my heart to praise
My spirit lifted in the midst of your joy
My soul ascends into the realm that is you
My body enraptured in your greater glory

3/31/13 inspired by Hillsong United’s All I need is you


So many names He carries
This God
To some he is father
Faithful, lover, comfort, peace
Friend, all of these in one

In the chaos of my paralyzing faith
Doubts and questions about any and everything

I ask
That he be to me
Comfort, Savior, answer and

*Happy new month dear friends. May it be for you and yours a wonderful one :).*

I Asked (A Late Evening Prayer)

I kneel bedside as is custom
Each late evening to pray
Tonight’s prayer a tad unusual
Fatigue laying claim to a major part of me

I asked the Savior to come into my heart
Make whole this cold heart of stone
Selfish and fleshy on its best days

I asked that he make it holy
Genuinely kind and good

Deep slumber and snores overtaking me
I asked wearily
That He make my heart see & beat truth

Now and always

Merry Christmas!!!

Neatly wrapped in a bow of beige and care
Sent flying in the winds so high
My love and heart I send to all
This Christmas dawn


Isaiah 9:6: “For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace.”

Luke 2:14: “Glory to God in the highest, and on earth peace, good will toward men.”

In The Place Of Prayer

Hope is found
In these days of anxious doubts
In the healing place of prayers

My weary soul taking flight
Heart and knees bent, Lord in your sight

The One I Adore


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To the One who owns my life
Shepherd of my soul
My Lord and love
God Almighty

The One who loves me
Not for what I am
Not for who I am
Not for anything I have done
Or will ever do

The One who doesn’t
Use my past as a basis
For our relationship
But loves me just as I am
Scars and blemish
Errors and wrongs

To the only wise One
Immortal Invincible
All knowing good God
The ultimate Judge
Ruler of all
Majestic Majesty

Sovereign and true
The embodiment of love
Forgiver and restorer
The One who redeems
Sweet savior
My Lord and Love

The One who found me
When I was lost and didn’t know it
My ever faithful friend
My ultimate love
My heart’s desire
And delight

The One I Adore

* Kabiyesi is a yoruba word for King*