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If This Be Our Last Winter

If this be our last winter my love

Then let us lie in the arms of lust drunk on its seducing juices
Flame, desire, and mad hunger on our lips

Kiss stained teeth clenched in passion
Soft strong arms locked in affection
Our all five senses tickled wild

In frosty whites very last moments...

Christmas Hope- Friday Fictioneers 11/30


It is time again for Friday Fictioneers hosted by Rochelle who celebrated her 41st wedding anniversary yesterday, congratulations again. The lovely photograph is also courtesy of her. I have not been writing much lately, but I found a poem in my notes that sort of fits the mood I got from the picture (the blue of the sky is just speaks hope to me), and then last night…a prose like story came to me…I am sharing both.

Comments and constructive criticisms are always welcome and appreciated as is your participation :). THANK YOU!!!

It was the evening before Christmas…5pm to be exact. I was bored; having been home alone all day…I never have company really, but not one to mope about being single, I decided to take a walk…

Last minute shoppers were running helter skelter…little boys and girls clutching tightly the hands of their fast paced parents…carolers parading the streets as heavy set white bearded men stood at corner shops jingling brass bells, singing of Christmas cheer…none for me though…

I looked up as my heart found itself soaring with the unusual bright of the night sky… hope seemed written in its blue…

It just might be a different Christmas I thought out loud…if only I knew how…


Christmas comes in cold winter December
Bringing hot cocoa, red ribbon tied presents
Glorious lights and evergreen trees

Families gather round
Wishing upon a twinkling star
Shinning bright over(on) Bethlehem night
Sweet kisses under mistletoes

Hoping the new year brings greater hope

Nature Calls My Name

Nature calls my name through every whispered hum
Heard among rustling leaves and heavy clouds hanging low
Wintry air sweeps swiftly pass warm lands
As my heart open to the season soars in poetic response
Peace and art found in the cold blowing wind


Dark dreary quiet and gloom
The clouds feel and see no warmth
Hanging their heavy heads low
They burst forth in tears

Nature’s Balancing Act

Gray and mostly cloudy in these parts, the skies mope
The sun warmly bright and golden glistens proudly in some other parts
Nature finding a way to create balance in her tilted world

If I Could

If I could, I would turn the tide of this bitter cold
Gently breaking its back into many small unrecognizable fragments
And slowly open the skies to the Sun, golden warm like your touch