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Winter Blues

Winter has me bound hands and knees first
I am a captive 60 days and still counting...
My heart broken in its embrace cannot see spring’s color filled horizon
My mind wanders for days without end longing for hope’s warmth and love’s touch
Sleep deprived and dreams unfulfilled 
My tired eyes sag under the burden of heavy falling snow

When Coffee Came Over For Tea

He came over for a cup of tea
On a cold Sunday morn
This tall dark drink of coffee

Our future was spelled out in my green and his earl grey(tea)
A (sly)smile of seduction forming & sealing his fate shut

Cookies crumbled under warm tea biscuits
When our quiet eyes finally met…

The unfolding story begs to be continued...

*Please feel free to offer criticisms, this is a freshly baked poem...*

Waiting For Spring And June

The tears that flowed till March were packed aside in time for spring
Dainty pink flowers blooming as my cold & broken spirits soared
Healing and love finding its way to me as June’s warmth appeared in you

Mother Nature Releases Her Breath

Mother Nature releases her  breath
Cold and hard on heavy glass windows

Reeling from her effect
Window panes freeze completely
Delicate white lace stitching residues
Of her chilled breath
As snow

Jordan’s Laugh

You should have heard her laugh
This one part of me
Bound by God love and blood

She calls me her mummy
Tummy tickles and friend

Her silly wild and innocent laugh
Ringing loud through cold suburban towns

Winter Is So Cold

I bear the weighted burden of these cold days in my heart
Crawling through January and December days as a shadow in white snow
Peace albeit dark and sad trailing my labored and frozen steps

Blank Screen

This season of quiet and chills
Leave my thoughts empty
Meaningful words scattered all over

Blank screen starring back at me