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Tribute Tuesday


One of the fondest memories I have of my mom is her in the kitchen cooking. She always wanted me to be a part of it and asked that I stay in the kitchen to watch while she cooked. I hated it!

I was going to grow up and become a lawyer, never marry, and just try and win cases, why did I need to learn about cooking?

She made good foods and one of her many specialties was Obe ilá Alasepo (Okra stew), it is native to her state of origin, Ondo in Nigeria.

Obe ilá Alasepo (Okra stew),

Obe ilá Alasepo (Okra stew),

When she made this stew, she would put all sorts in it and say “òkèlè kan, ọmọ ìgbín kan, aye n be l’Ondo egin” loosely translated “every dip of your morsel into the stew you pick a bit of baby snails” We loved eating the stew…ask anyone who knows, it is a delight…and even when things got rough and they did from ‘94-01 and especially between ‘99-01, she still made them although adding meats became expensive. She still cooked them with ponmo (cow skin) just because she knew we loved eating it. We had a funny name for the stew then and it made her laugh out loud. Still all I wanted to do was eat it and not make it…

Back pedal further to 2001 a few days after she passed away, I had to follow one of my aunts to the market to get food items, sigh… I hated it!

We got home and I went into the kitchen to drop off the items and for whatever reason, I cooked Yam and fried eggs with chunks of Titus fish…I made that meal almost every night for that period, and after the funeral and visits were all concluded, I found myself in the kitchen making turkey stew for one of my brothers to take back to university.

Turkey stew became my specialty, and every chance I got I would cook it…I also started making coleslaw and remember making it with my sister for a friend’s 21st birthday.

I moved to the US and found myself cooking ever so often. Dodo& gizzard was now my specialty and every chance I got I would bring a tray to parties for free, then it was fried rice, now it’s all sorts…I always looked for opportunities to bring food to parties…I found that I thoroughly enjoyed cooking.

These days, I wish I had stayed in the kitchen with her…I wish I had learned to cook from her…still I try to look back on our time together and picture a few things she did here and there…my dad and siblings give input as they are able.

Today I am cooking Obe ilá alasepo, as a tribute to her as I make up my mind to pursue this joyful passion fearlessly. I will put every kind of meat I have in the stew…and I have a lot, thank God. I will sit back and dip my morsel into it…smile in memory of mommy and wish if only for one second she was here to share this meal with me.


Obe ilá Alasepo (Okra stew), pẹlu iyan (pounded  yam)

Obe ilá Alasepo (Okra stew), pẹlu iyan (pounded yam)

(To say I didn’t cry while writing this would be a lie, but that’s OK for I find my honest moments in words are when the tears flow free).


Cooking Food


    It is the simplicity therein

    The joy that comes from cooking food
    The love that goes into eating food
    Sometimes it is the other way around
    The love that goes into cooking food
    The joy that comes from eating food

    Temptation And Dessert On A Saturday Afternoon

    As marble cake glazed with creamy fondant
    Dripping sweet & seeped in berry juices
    You peacefully sit
    Brown eyes quietly beckoning
    Pink and brown licks
    Softly calling my name


    This month of winter's delight
    Daring me with its lacey chills and things
    Pushes me further into myself
    Solace found in warm hands, hot cocoa, and love
    Ugg boots, cinnamon buttered toast and
    Red stripped peppermint frost candy
    Delighting my winter blues
    Vanilla and snow smells fill the air
    Street corners lined in colored lights
    The joys of Christmas painted in the sky

    *Happy new month friends!!! May you find delight, joy, and rest in this last month of 2012. Please pardon me for the next few days, I will not be able to read blog posts, or respond to comments in a timely fashion. Things should be back to normal Lord willing on Tuesday. Have a blessed December…THANKS ALWAYS!!!*

    A Few Of My Favorite…


    Autumn and its falling leaves
    Yellow brown red and dry
    Rustling on the ground
    Feet pounding pavements fast

    Slightly sweetened cocoa
    Warm and frothy thick
    Dark chocolate marble pound cake
    A slice or two I think

    Quiet days like Tuesday
    My nose buried in good books
    Daddy’s words of wisdom
    Mother’s echoes of truth

    Hugs and silly giggles
    Melting tired frowns
    Me caught in the middle
    Of two laughing girls

    The pleasant smell of Christmas floating
    Hanging in the air
    Waiting for winter
    To drop like perfect presents
    Into thankful happy laps
    Warm apple cider
    Our sweet fragrance
    In the night

    The cuddle of giant beds
    Great companion to keep it warm

    Hot tea and fruity drinks
    Lots of biscuits on the side
    (Please be aware
    Only the English kinds will do)

    Laughing out loud
    Singing with Julie Andrews
    The Sound of Music fills the cool air..

    These and many more
    Including YOU and I
    Love life and God
    Are a few of my favorite autumn things

    What are some of yours?