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Because you are…



I love you dear daughters

Because you are mine

For so many reasons I could never explain

Because you are mine

Because you are fine

Because you are fast

Because you are blasts

Because you are loud

Because you are round

Because you are shy

Because you are smiles

I love you dear daughters

Because you are mine

For so many reasons I cannot contain

Because you are whole

Because you are gold

Because you are bold

Because you are so

Because you are joy

Because you are fun

Because you are noise

Because you are bliss

I love you dear daughters

Again and again

For so many reasons I don’t even know

Because you are mine

Because you are ours

Because you are us

Because you are more

I love you dear daughters

I will say it again

Because you are love

Because you are joy

Because you are you

Because you are true

My most perfect truth

9/2/2014 3:51pm




Jordan’s Laugh

You should have heard her laugh
This one part of me
Bound by God love and blood

She calls me her mummy
Tummy tickles and friend

Her silly wild and innocent laugh
Ringing loud through cold suburban towns

Batteries For Birthday- Friday Fictioneers 11/16


It’s that time of the week again. Friday fictioneers par Rochelle is on, and this week’s photo is courtesy of Sean Fallon. I must say that the prompt this week is a  tough one but between fiction and reality, I managed to pull something out.

Please let me know what you think, comments and constructive criticisms are welcome. As always feel free to join in and participate…these prompts really do get your creativity flowing. THANK YOU!

image courtesy of Sean Fallon

This is a tough one I thought to myself looking at the picture…as if sensing my predicament, my almost 3 year old twin daughters’ walk up to me with 3 batteries in their tiny hands…”Mommy, look batteries” they both screamed…”can I keep battery for my birthday?” one of them joyfully asked. It’s been all about birthdays and Christmas lately.

“Sure why not” I responded taking the batteries from them…”I will just keep them in this empty animal crackers jar until then ok?”…”if you find anymore batteries remember to bring them to mommy…the more you find the more presents you can get.” I continued, smiling at them as I looked over at the picture on my laptop.

“Yay!” they both chorused… batteries for birthday presents… I laughed quietly as I walked away, knowing another story had just been born, many thanks to motherhood.

Flowers: A very cheesy note for something truly sweet.



Beautifully arranged, nicely written
So were the flowers and note I had just been given
Very thoughtful, truly kind
So are my feelings toward the anonymous sender
Who so wisely put my daughters names
At the end of the very nice note
Thus putting a smile on my very tired face.