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Little Toddler Loves


Going west to set
The sun goes down quietly…

My little toddler loves return home
I awaiting with open arms
Embrace the lights of my world
My precious moons
And early morning sunshine(s)

These little bodies
Giggling love in every laughter
Into my eager and itchy ears
A day spent in absolute love
And profound gratitude
Content we are again all together

They tell me of their day
Amidst kisses and hugs
And I silently thank the sun
For going back west
Thus letting the doors open
For my little toddler loves
To rush home

To my eager excited open arms

* When the girls come home after a day at care, they rush in with so much excitement and gratitude…the sun was setting on Tuesday when I head them at the door…that moment inspired this poem. I tried to find a picture to compliment the poem…but didn’t find any suitable one. Have a lovely Friday and a great safe weekend!*