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For the girls at age 6



What we have become these past six years.

Every painful tear, childish tantrum, silly laugh, provoked smack, back rubs, and grateful smile. Every pause and silence deeply jolted by magnifying screeches and falling noises is our story as a family. It is what we have become these past six years…what we will continue to be…

Having you both has brought us into ourselves slowly but most certainly. Love for you brings the reality of what we have become to the forefront of our minds. It brings a reminder always that family is the foundation of who we are, who we want to be…who we want you both to be.





Thankful Always















Kind in every possible way

What we have become these past six years is nothing short of family. Nothing short of love… if ever there is anything you learn from me (mom) or your dad, it is that love is true, it is kind. Let love rule your hearts and kindness guide your thoughts. Let it embolden you both to truth and integrity.

Let the laughter of late night tickles propel you to lasting joys, let the best back massages soothe your hearts to rest… let it remind you of the comfort that is family.

Let our kisses and words be always in your hearts long after they are said…let them remind you what we have become these past six years…what we continue to be… let them uphold you in wisdom.

Let the stern talks and tough looks coupled with resounding NOs and time out sessions help you to understand discipline and life…the toughness it can be…the downs it can bring…let them help you to understand times and seasons…life while not always pleasant is still a blessing.

Let the grateful smiles and lingering I love you remind you that you are loved yesterday, today, tomorrow, and always…your very presence speaks love…how can it not…your infectious sweet smiles spell LOVE.

Ponle, let confidence continue to find you with genuine smiles and carefree laughter, let innocence guide you with instinct and caution. Let grace light your path always. Let wisdom raise you.

Pekun, embrace your heart’s shy tendencies, yet hold your head high knowing there is so much inside you. Smile as often as your heart wants, let nothing hold you back. Grace goes always ahead of you and your sister to hold you both strong.

Find courage in who you both are, and as always LOVE each other loudly and boldly. There would be no better best friend than both of you together as sisters and friends…both of you together is what we have become these past six years…what we continue to be…Family.

Tears find their way to my heart every year as I write these things…I think it is love pouring from me…reminding me what such immense blessings you both are…what such great and unmerited graces were bestowed on me…

Sometimes I think it is fear pouring out…fear that can come with being a parent, a mom…a role model to the biggest treasures in one’s life…fear of uncertainty…fear that I am not doing it right…fear that I am overdoing it…fear that pushes me to faith…

Faith which pulls, and propels me into a gracious reflection of what we have become these past six years…what we are…what we continue to be… it is nothing short of family…a most comforting foundation…a most assuring grace… a redefining joy…a dignifying love.



How I miss the baby days…so I play voice recordings and videos to soak those days all in

How I anticipate the growing years…so I make videos and write notes to prepare us for the life ahead.

Nothing we can give you could ever tell how much we adore and love you…my heart beats which each note typed, each thought of you both…

I pray for many more years of Grace, strength, laughter, great health, wisdom, and joyful bliss.

I love you to the ends of the earth and beyond…you are the best thing I could ever do.


Signing off

Forever and always,


 I continue to write for and to the girls, and every year since they turned 1 i have written something to them for their birthday. I hope never to stop :).



Sharing Some Of My Deep Thoughts- Guest Blog


It’s been so long so I wrote to you Lord.

Sometimes I wonder if I am living, I mean truly living my best life. I see myself morph into someone I do not recognize. I see myself down trodden by the cares of life and paralyzed by all manner of fear. In fact, I know this is not my best life.

I keep waiting for the best time, the next time, for more time. The truth is…today is all I have, today is all I need. I am so blessed. God has been so kind. Who am I that the Lord would bless me so? I am in a place of in between where my reality is removed from my dreams…. But my dreams are not that far away, I can still taste it, I can still see its shadowy haze… all I need now is the Lord’s light to guide my path. All I need now is to try harder and live with more purpose.

The truth is I have not been giving my all. The truth is…I make excuses every day. The truth is I live a life that borders on frivolous; I live a life that is not purposeful… I don’t even want to think of wasted hours, to think of mindless thoughts and conversations… what does it benefit me to dwell on the past?

Awesome to think, that I still have a chance, that all is not lost. I am ever grateful to my God for second, third, fourth, fifth and endless chances. I am no longer shielded from the sting of death, no longer unaware of my own mortality. Forced into a place of deep realization, forced into a place where I know things must change. I must change.

No longer do I want to live in a state of madness, doing the same thing over and over again and hoping for different results. Ha! I want freedom; I need freedom from this stagnant and unproductive state of mind.

Who can I turn to? Who will pull me out of this sinking feeling…? Only you Lord. You have the power to save; you have the power to restore. You have the power to rewrite the script, change the path, and anchor my destiny.

In the end, what do I want for ME? Who am I? I am your child Lord. I need to live my life for you. I need to live a life that spells impact, spells courage, hard work and dedication. I need to live a legacy of love, sacrifice and faith for my children. I need them to see a woman who is indeed free and in being free, chooses life, chooses sacrifice, chooses love and chases her dreams.

I need to live a life that is not filled with regret, and not scarred by untapped talent and unused opportunities. Like one of the Groupon policy states, I am reminded that my value still remains…though the due date is long gone….I can still redeem because my redeemer lives!

Written by Flakey G
© 2012

The Passage- Friday Fictioneers 10/12


Friday Fictioneers courtesy of Madison Woods is up and running again this week, and the week’s photo is courtesy of Jan Morrill. I have come up with a short story of a little over 100 words. Please feel free to participate as always…thank you!

Image courtesy of Jan Morrill

The swift steps were getting closer as he continued to run. His heart racing with every quickened pace…he knew they would eventually catch up to him, but if he could make it to the passage…it just might be his escape route…or his dying…he refused to finish the thought.

He had only stolen the bread because his pregnant wife was hungry…he didn’t mean to hurt anyone. He was wrong for stealing, but to pursue him in such rage; with axes and all manner of weapons while screaming “thief! Thief! Burn him!” was barbaric…

Tripping on nothing in particular…he fell to knees, tears streaming down his horror stricken face as the rowdy mob cornered him in the passage…

*Dedicated to the memory of #ALUU4


The Ones born innocent


What devastation and disaster
Has befallen the ones born on your land
What terror and plague betides
The seemingly innocent and all too ignorant
Talked- of diseases and ailments
Crawl up around and inside your land
Taking mother leaving child with leftovers
Permanent reminder of its visit

What pestilence and malady
Wreaking havoc on fertile land
Stripping it bare and destitute
The young and old
Besieged by fear and the unknown
Tears offer no outlet
For releasing the pain and anguish
Buried deep within
Hunger and famine neighbors
To residents of villages and towns

Yet big city mansions offer
Refuge and shelter for the greedy
Military oppressors, overpaid
Government misfits
and their bratty offspring
Noses turned up for fear
they might smell their own ignorance
Their unfortunate obliviousness

Such calamity and affliction bestowed
On the ones with no hope
Or faith for a future
As the fangs of trouble and disease
Creep into your land
Claim innocents, rape destinies
And imprison future

Your land is captivated by aches
Captured by greed
And overshadowed by evil

Yet still in all its misfortunes
The ones born innocent on your land
Without mother, poor and grief stricken
Reminded only of leftover diseases
Hungry and starved

Look to you
Cry to you
Believe in you
Beseech you
For hope albeit fickle
That one day
The bare and stripped land
Will bloom and glow again
As the shadows of evil vanish
Giving way to a downpour of good
And hope filled future

Deep Writing- I think not!!!


Courtesy of a dirty mind 🙂 and a friend's BBM dp.

I feel the need to apologize for this post:), especially to my conservative readers who might feel offended. I also want to explain how I came up with the poem, note (I don’t think I can call it a poem, don’t want to offend the poem police).

I was talking to a friend, who I think is an amazing writer via email (check her out on amazon.com; Kay Akinmade) and she suggested that I enter a writing competition. I explained that I was not sure I could handle being judged by people like that; still I decided to check it out. I wanted to see what other entrants and past winners had submitted.

As I looked through the poems, I was overly impressed. People used words in ways that were just phenomenal. I spent almost an hour just lost in poems, and as I read one after another, I knew I had to step my game up, I didn’t think any of my poems would make the cut. Afterwards I decided to sit down and do some deep writing. I wanted to write something that deserved attention, and possibly a prize. I wanted to move readers the way I was moved by the poems I had just read.

The following note is what I came up with (hands over my face in shame:)). Needless to say I have not entered any competition yet. I don’t think I would anytime soon. Please don’t let this note turn you off. I do have some pretty cool stuff to write and talk about; it’s just sometimes my dirty mind takes over. I promise there would be something more intellectual tomorrow:).

Reading all their work
I start to ponder
I couldn’t possibly attempt to enter
Or even seek to win the contests

Their work seems so deep,
Past mediocre, very prolific,

They appear so rich,
Thoughts provoking

So I attempt to go
Above my usual self
And become extraordinary

I try to be profound,
I endeavor
I strive
to join the club of intellectuals
And deep thinkers
whose works I found so

But all I could come up with
was this note in tow,
And a letter to my lover,
about last night…
With a picture of his Dick!