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Like That Warm Cornbread

I am a sucker for warm cornbread
Passion for it rising from within to my hips
Warmly intense in its soft smoothness like milk
Every bite is lust sweetly swallowed

Then there is you
Walking in
In the midst of it all
And once again like before you arrived
Passion starts rising

This time from my hips swayed and corked straight to the left
Where you dark brown eyes now rest

Like that warm cornbread…

Good Morning

Your morning breath like sugarcane creamed coffee
Warms up my lax neck sweet tension slowing rising

Your eyes brown and soft like jelly buttered toast
Fills me leisurely up, cliché words morning rituals and such
Mostly unnecessary

Your strawberry tongue finding its lonely path
Down my happy throat
Gingerly cooling my new dawn

To Lie In Your Arms


Image courtesy of http://www.fanpop.com

How I would love to lie in your arms
Sipping fine aged wine
As you nibble on exotic and sweet fruits
Dark chocolate pieces all about

Your sultry voice whispering amusing seduction
Enchantingly into my heart
My spirits soaring
With the evening breeze

Your love, my laughter
Both echoing out loud
As our eyes full and alive

Heartily take in Rome’s beautiful architecture

My Love Of This Café- Friday Fictioneers 10/26


Friday fictioneers is up and running this week many thanks to our new host Rochelle, who has so kindly taken over from Madison Woods. Her photo this week sent my heart racing with smiles…I love cafés, and every little thing about them. So I tried to channel that into my fictional  story, and then added a poem as a bonus. As always comments and constructive crticisms are welcome, and please feel free to join in and participate. THANK YOU ALWAYS!

Image courtesy of Rochelle

Oh how I love nifty little cafés…the sights…the aromas…sizzling hot coffee…warm buttered croissants… delicately soft chocolate marble pound cakes…raspberry tarts…need I say more?

Every morning, I stop by just to take in the entirety of this particular café, soft music floating around in the air with the smells, the ever friendly servers, and then there’s one…one I really like…piercing brown eyes taking my brave soul captive…my intentions completely exposed…I can’t help myself around him…

More so, when he picks up his guitar and does an impromptu performance…my mind wanders straight into his arms, and all I can think of is him…sweetly serenading my lobes…as we sip coffee…legs wrapped around each other in suspension, after a long day of loving.


Alone with my thoughts
I sit
Blindly staring out
This coffee house window

Painfully I wonder
Where our sugar and spice
Sweetly made crepess with sprinkles
On top love and contagious desire
Went wrong

This coffee house serves as
The only reminder of what once was
Quiet and lonely views
From (y)our favorite booth
Now responding to me in whispered echoes

Tears falling down the window
Of my broken soul

His Idea


Image courtesy of http://www.picfor.me

Derek does not how else to celebrate this fine young woman. He does not how to show his gratitude on a quiet Sunday night. He has no idea how to thank the woman who plays mom and dad when he’s away at war…he knows not what to do…even now when the little ones are asleep, and he is finally back home. He does not know how to celebrate her…

He brings out some fine bubbly…a chunk of her favorite dessert…fresh berries…fine dark chocolate…various toys…all that she likes…

He still does not know how to celebrate her…so he wears nothing but his father’s day gift…a cologne…then walks over to her erect and upright while she is relaxing…. Boyz II Men playing in the other room…Derek nibbles his wife’s ears from behind and whispers softly…

“Who’s your daddy?”