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BB (Bale Cafe)


I will like to go to a café with you
On a mid-Wednesday morning like this
Sip on hot cocoa creamy smooth and brown as you
Nibble sweetly at bits of marble coffee cakes
Strawberry glaze staining my happy lips pink


*I was in the city on Sunday, and saw the name of a cute cafe, Bale Cafe, and this poem was born :)*


A Saturday Night


Buttered toast and honey oats
Fingers crossed with cuddled toes
Warming fires snuggling close
Lovely night with unburdened clothes

Like That Warm Cornbread

I am a sucker for warm cornbread
Passion for it rising from within to my hips
Warmly intense in its soft smoothness like milk
Every bite is lust sweetly swallowed

Then there is you
Walking in
In the midst of it all
And once again like before you arrived
Passion starts rising

This time from my hips swayed and corked straight to the left
Where you dark brown eyes now rest

Like that warm cornbread…

My Fat Heart

My heart is obese in its affection for you
Fed full and pudgy by your late night hugs and sugar sweet kisses
That one touch and fondled cuddle before Monday dawns
With a yawn of resignation for life

Juicy warmth bringing peace in a quick embrace
One last see you soon at the door pumping more flesh
To this heart's fat

*Have a lovely week :)* This poem is a work in progress i think...

Temptation And Dessert On A Saturday Afternoon

As marble cake glazed with creamy fondant
Dripping sweet & seeped in berry juices
You peacefully sit
Brown eyes quietly beckoning

Pink and brown licks
Softly calling my name

Good Morning

Your morning breath like sugarcane creamed coffee
Warms up my lax neck sweet tension slowing rising

Your eyes brown and soft like jelly buttered toast
Fills me leisurely up, cliché words morning rituals and such
Mostly unnecessary

Your strawberry tongue finding its lonely path
Down my happy throat
Gingerly cooling my new dawn

Crazy Thinking Cat- Friday Fictioneers 12/21


It’s that time again. Friday Fictioneers courtesy of Ms. Rochelle, and this week’s photo is courtesy of Scott. I figured, I should get my story in since the world is scheduled to end tomorrow. The plan is to pig out tonight…if the world ends tomorrow, good for me…if not…ah well, back on the treadmill…

Comments, and constructive criticisms are very much appreciated. Please feel free to join in and participate. A very merry Christmas to you all. THANKS ALWAYS!!!

Image courtesy of Scott Vannatter

Image courtesy of Scott Vannatter

I am just going to guard all the Christmas decors and cards from that evil talking bird.

Parrot my foot…glad he is in the cage now. Trying to take over from me…dumb bird doesn’t understand this house is mine. Even the old woman plays by my rules…or else she gets scratched…she will never know it’s me either…she thinks it’s an allergic reaction…how can anyone be allergic to dry toast…it’s all she eats…Dr. Voodoos diet she calls it…

Oh here she comes…not the camera…be still……another picture…how many pictures? Ugh, I sure ended up with the wrong spinster…

“Twinkles say cheese…”

(Evil glare) Meow…