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A Saturday Night


Buttered toast and honey oats
Fingers crossed with cuddled toes
Warming fires snuggling close
Lovely night with unburdened clothes


Fireworks And Champagne Sparks

A delight this Sunday evening
Bubbling my insides like fireworks
And sweet golden champagne sparks

I find lazy rest in the able arms of desire
Lust and its juicy leavings on our toothy grins

Extended Dinner- A Duet


Spoon fed by desire
Nourished by lust
Lavishly drunk on love

Satiation soon
Repeatedly reached
In phases

Joy brimming as
Fingers, fork, tongue, mouth, taste buds
feel, feed and sweet fill

Nourished to the brim
My essence is filled
Full lips wiped in happy delight

This poem was born from Noel Ihebuzor’s brilliant response to my poem; Untitled: Dinner. The second and third verses are by Noel, and the first and last were written by me. He does these duets so well, please check out his blog whenever you can for some more brilliant duets and poems. Thanks Noel, and thank you all.



Image courtesy of http://www.google.com

Glass pitcher
Brimming full with colors
A concoction of juices and citrus
Doused with love and
A splashing of booze


* Chapman is a famous cocktail in Nigeria, it is often non alcoholic but you can add some alcohol if you like…the origin is not exactly known but the recipe is very much the same. It is often enjoyed with a club sandwich, and typically served in beer mugs* This is a common recipe for Chapman and one I have adopted myself…I know some friends add Lemon rinds to their recipe*


Ice cubes
1/2 liter of Fanta
1/2 liter of Sprite
1/4 cup of Black currant cordial or Ribena
A dash of Angostura bitters
Juice of Half Lemon, Lime and Orange
Cucumber slices
Orange slices
Lemon and Lime slices
A splash or more (if you prefer) of Campari


Add icubes into a pitcher
Pour in the blackcurrant cordial
Add Spirte and Fanta at the same time
Stir and then add a dash of angostura bitters
Taste if necessary and add more bitters as needed
Pour in freshly sqeezed citrus juices
Add slices of cucumber and then citrus
Mix in the campari if using and stir all together
Allow to cool in the refrigerator
  Chapman is best served chilled in beer mugs