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In The Middle Of My Dreams


I caught eyes with you
In the middle of my dreams
Wide awake from the sweet pleasure
I kept your dimples in my eyes


This Low Winter Sun


I awake in the arms of fear
Cold sweat in my bed

This low winter sun that won’t quit
Blows warmth past Tuesday’s early dawn
Into a distance warmed-over
Heavy snow in my horizon
Telling me the days of night are far from over

* I caught the preview of a new TV show Low Winter Sun last week and this was born :).

We Tell Ourselves


We tell ourselves
In the end it all will be alright
Antsy fingers crossed for the days unknown
But what do we know as fate unfolds
Dawn revealing varied thoughts and deeds
Faith trampled or tackled

We tell ourselves
In the end it all will be alright
Fingers crossed with each battle won
What will be next? We wonder each time
What will be next? We ponder out loud

We tell ourselves
In the end it all will be alright
But what do we know as fate unfolds
For all too soon night falls and we drift to slumber
Dreams numbing doubts
All the while reassuring minds
In the end it all will be alright

But what do we know
As fate unfolds…

FEAR: The Doubts Of Many Nights


False Evidence Appearing Real
The doom of many dreams

Day after day it plagues
Which one will soon come true?
The emotion that captivates the heart to still…
Or passion that causes it to bleed(beat)

I Wish I Could Write


I wish I could write
Like great minds of old
Thoughts forming at the sight of blank & pen
Words churning into mystery and magic
Entrancing you (reader) who wants to glimpse and just pass by
Sweet verses forever imprinted in your fore-eyes

During The Night

Traces of you & our mid-afternoon antics flush color to my pale cheeks
Blushing red in contained excitement I smile wide and loud
As I remember us and those things we did

My Dream(s)


Image courtesy of www.google.com

Image courtesy of http://www.google.com

Perched high on a quiet crescent December moon
My dream(s) hang her dainty legs dangling free in the night air
Awaiting silver droplets of rain translucent in their descent
She gracefully lines my temple with her goodness
Each drip adorning my delicate heart
With fulfillment