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Cooking Food


    It is the simplicity therein

    The joy that comes from cooking food
    The love that goes into eating food
    Sometimes it is the other way around
    The love that goes into cooking food
    The joy that comes from eating food

    To Lie In Your Arms


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    How I would love to lie in your arms
    Sipping fine aged wine
    As you nibble on exotic and sweet fruits
    Dark chocolate pieces all about

    Your sultry voice whispering amusing seduction
    Enchantingly into my heart
    My spirits soaring
    With the evening breeze

    Your love, my laughter
    Both echoing out loud
    As our eyes full and alive

    Heartily take in Rome’s beautiful architecture

    An Ode To Food


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    I am no connoisseur of your sophistication
    I have no mastery of your art
    I am not even close to being skilled in your preparation

    But I understand well your consumption

    How my tongue burns at your sight
    My mouth salivates in your presence
    As you stare me in the face
    Beautiful and appealing

    To the eyes
    To the mouth
    To my guts

    Whether I have you with the best Sauvignon Blanc
    Club soda so dry
    Or even with plain still water
    You are always the main attraction

    The object of my appetite’s affection
    Be it from a street vendor
    Or the best cafes on
    Avenue Des Champs Élysées

    You satisfy my hunger
    Give my stomach fulfillment
    And leave me delectably pleased

    Oh how sweet and savory you can be
    Teasing my palates

    Oh how spicy and sour you sometimes are
    Pleasing my mouth
    And filling me up

    And when our time is done
    Oh yummy food
    Delighter of my mouth
    Nourishment for my being

    I love that I can burn the caloric intake
    Of your power
    On my big and steady machine lover

    Macaroni and Peas


    I am sure a lot of parents can attest to the fact that with little ones around the house, there is no eating alone. It is very true with my little girls, and I don’t mind it all except on a few occasions as this. I want them to eat with me especially when I am eating my vegetables, brown rice, or other yucky foods like that. The idea is that if they see mommy eating her veggies, they would want to eat theirs too. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Poor me! :(

    On this particular day though, I was eating veggies, but not in the mood to share, yep, mommy who tells them to share all the time doesn’t want to share today. So I put a lot of peas in my lunch and started eating. As usual they came one after the other: “mommy, what doing?” that translates to “mommy, what are you doing?” “I am eating.” I replied with a sly smile. The scenario is the story behind this poem.

    Macaroni and Peas

    Eating my lunch
    Twas macaroni and peas
    Along comes one of my babies
    With a quick look
    And a no- no
    She turned away
    The peas made it so

    In comes her sister
    Without any clue
    She headed towards me
    Thinking of my food
    She saw the meal
    And turned away
    The peas made it so

    I smiled to myself
    Happy my plan had worked
    I didn’t want to share
    My very little lunch
    And so I ate in peace
    And left out all the peas.