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imprinting words in my daughters



Where Once You Were

I sense you in the air
Where once you were
A living breathing part of me
Shades of you floating like butterfly trails
My heart so briefly wanders to our once upon a time
And I can't help but wonder
How the hell are you these days?

Happy new month!!! May it be your best yet. Blessings

Trying To Be Sexy On Valentine’s Eve

He shaved his head and trimmed his beard
All the while winking at me from a mile away
His glasses down to the ridge of his nose
He grinned like that fellow
Who stole a chunk of my heart several years ago

I Asked (A Late Evening Prayer)

I kneel bedside as is custom
Each late evening to pray
Tonight’s prayer a tad unusual
Fatigue laying claim to a major part of me

I asked the Savior to come into my heart
Make whole this cold heart of stone
Selfish and fleshy on its best days

I asked that he make it holy
Genuinely kind and good

Deep slumber and snores overtaking me
I asked wearily
That He make my heart see & beat truth

Now and always



November framed on this heart frozen from chilly nights
Finds warmth in hot cocoa pumpkin spiced lattes
Cinnamon apple pies and sweet cider smells

Echoes of gratitude and good wishes bouncing off its walls
Lavender vanilla and autumn finding comfort in the air

A Collection Of Short Poems VI



Raking golden colored leaves on my front yard
My body curls as cold air blows past my eyes into my heart
Painful thoughts of you welling up like tears deep inside


Lost in the warmth of his timely words
I envisioned the embrace would be even better
Lust shaded my views as I succumbed to his will


This breath
No longer warm
Just tepid
Stinking of lust
Ugly reminders of you


Your eyes are darts
Achingly piercing the heart

Scars and tears
Stained crimson red
Evidence of your hidden truth


I am not defined by him
But this new found love sustains me


In the heart of my poems
Lies your love
Beating my motives to life


Your love sits written in ink
Sealed with desire
On the tablet of my beating heart

Here now passion resides
Scribbled all over
You and I as one


You are my poem
I write in love
Youthful lust
And happy thoughts of you


I spread this canvas of light
Golden in its ray
Like summer sun bright and warm
My heart paints
And caresses your name
In love


You are my poem
The ying to this passionate yang
My calm and peaceful Zen

My inspiration and quiet meditation
I write in love of you

* A lovely, joyfilled week to you all*

Love And Awards Overflow


Over the past week or so, I have been nominated for some wonderful awards by some generous and amazing writers. I have been meaning to get to them, but these things pile up and then they become so hard to keep up with, this past week has also been a rough and tough one. Nevertheless I am very grateful for all the nominations, and that you would think of me and my corner here. THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH!

There are so many amazing people on here, and the fact that I come to your mind as you are working on these awards is very generous and kind. There are so many of you to thank for this, and you all know who you are; so please accept my appreciation and gratitude. I especially would like to thank Ispider for the very kind words used when describing my blog…”There’s an undertone of real joy to this blog” I was very moved by those words even more so since I had be plagued by insecurities all day, that particular day.

I really do write with so much joy in my heart even if I am writing about the plagues of third world nations, the hardships of life, or those naughty Sunday night shenanigans. For anyone to feel that joy through this platform, blows my mind to sparkly little pieces…thank you all so much.

I remain ever appreciative of all the love and frienships I have built on here…it’s great to have a commnunity that supports, and inspires. I am fortunate I get to write all these things, and that you enjoy them for the most part. The nominations, and awards are like icing on an already yummy good cake. Muchos gracias!

Here’s hoping you all have a lovely Sunday and a very wonderful safe and healthy week. I am off to church…my dirty  creative mind is already off to a naughty start.

Much Love

Follow me to a place
a place of passion
and pleasure

Of joy
And delight

A place of oohs
And aahs

Where deep moans meet
And greet
Soft and whispered
tender moans

While more
And more
is on the tip of the tongue

Follow me to a place
of pleasure
And delight

A place like no other
Of lust and desire

A place
where only we know